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Utah Spring Skiing Trip - Outrageous!!!

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Had to report on another stupendous spring trip to Park City, Utah. This was the 13th annual, and we were not disappointed. The week was packed with events. Just to detail a few -

1) The road trip out from Houston was uneventful with the exception of I80-W being closed as we got to Larame. Seems the 18 wheelers could not handle the wind and ice. The authorities closed it down to haul off the wrecked ones so we had to backtrack to Denver and continue through Grand Junction/Green River/Price/etc. 1826 miles/28 hours - $111.70 in gas

2) Brought 40lbs of crawfish and 15lbs of shrimp. Had a feast on Sunday with 50 of my sister's closest friends. Way too much food and just enough beer!!!

3) Got a new/old pair of Fischer World Cup Full Races in 208 length for my 50th birthday; they replaced my K2 207 KVC Comps. What awesome skiis !!! - yeah I know all the stuff about the new shaped stuff but you can not beat these things for carving swoopy boulevard turns - they are as heavy as a Buick and nothing stops them.

4) Brighton was fantastic, great snow, no crowds, friendly lifties, even the borders were mild mannered.

5) The Canyons continue to amaze me - great snow, supper fast lifts, and lots of terrain. Unfortunately my wife and I got run over by a Kamikaze gang of boarders on Tombstone. No one hurt seriously (the good guys) but I know a boarder that is still looking for his board - amazing how far those things will go when you give them flying lessons. After talking with a Canyons patrol and hostess after the incident they turned me on to the "Madness" promotion the resort was having. Booked over the internet; 4 transferable lift tickets for $99.99. Needless to say I took out the laptop. IB profurin, nectar-of-the-gods, and a hot tub took care of the other hurts and strains.

6) Took in the sledge-hockey Bronze Metal Game between Canada and Sweden at the Paralympics. I was amazed both at the game and at the support the teams got from the crowd. The stamina it must take to pole yourself up and down the ice using only your arms must be incredible. It was the most inspiring thing I have seen in a long time. Those guys played there hearts out in regular time (1-1 tie), first overtime (1-1 tie), five man shoot out, and sudden death shoot out. We saw it all - even heard a couple of ABBA tunes I had not heard in a long time when Sweden won. Salt Lake treated the Paralymians as well if not better than the atheletes who participated in the regular Olympics. The torch was still lit - the events were well planned and attended - Good On Ya Salt Lake City!!!

7) The trip back was via Price/Moab/Cortez/Durango/Albuquerque/Amarillo/Dallas. 1498 miles/22 hours - $115.90 in gas.

Hope the other bears had as good a time on their spring break trips as I did.

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How much did the whole trip cost including EVERYTHING? one week skiing?
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Here's the breakdown for a week trip (2 days travel, 4.5 days skiing, and 1 hangover/rest day)for three people (Skozar/Mrs Skozar/Son of Skozar)

Transport Expenses $250.00 Total
Gasoline to/from Houston and around ski areas $250.00

Food $404.50 Total
40 lbs Crawdads $56.00
15 lbs Shrimp $62.00
4 lbs Pork Loin $6.50
12 lbs Beef Brisket $11.00
Snack Stuff & Lunches $67.00
1 night @ Chuck Arama $35.00
1 night @ RiverHorse $167.00

Booze and Fine Cigars $70.15 Total
1 gallon of Cruzan Dark Rum $15.95
1 box Hoya Cafe Royales $36.70
2 cases of Shiner Bock $17.50

Lift Tickets $410.00 Total
Brighton - 3 day passes @ $81.00 total (discounted to $27.00 each)
The Canyons - 11 day passes @ $329.00 (2 discounted to $35.00 each, 8 at 25.00 each, and one at full price $59.00)

Lodging $0.00 Total
Included in the food bill because I provided the grub and did all the cooking at my sister's place

Paralympic Tickets $30.00 Total
3 tickets at $10.00 each

Boarder Flying Lessons Priceless

Grand Total $1,164.65 or $55.46/day/person
a little more for me because Mrs Skozar does not smoke cigars and Son of Skozar can buy his own. (He prefers a bong, somewhat smoother I hear)

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