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Whistler/ Blackcombe Lodging

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Hi gang..... I'm taking a group to Whistler next season (I have to actually plan it now) and was looking for lodging reccomendations / warnings. The group is a typical club with lots of singles, so we need lots of twin beds etc.... Anyplace (location) we should stay away from?? Anyplace you've loved? Thanks in advance.........
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I went to Whistler for the first time this year and stayed at The Coast Whistler. It was great!! It is in the Village so the morning walk was not far. Nightlife was close by but the hotel is off to the side so it was not noisy at all. The staff was great but everyone there was friendly. My picks are The Coast for the hotel. Dinner and drinks, everything!! The GLC was my fav. Skiing, I hate to say it but Blackcomb blew me away!! It was better than Whistler. :
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I second the Coast. Other places I've stayed at, close to the gondolas, suffer from nightlife pollution. Not pleasant if you're not a participant...
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Hey Warren,

I see you are from Tremblant. Can you give me some inside information about the place. Where to stay, eat, nightlife, and oh yea, best time for snow. I am thinking of going next year.


: : :
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Thanks guys....... that's the property that was top of my list already.
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My wife and I stayed in a 1 bedroom unit at "The Legends" in the Creekside area and loved it. It's right next to the Creekside gondola and is very quiet. We paid $199CAD per night which was among the cheapest rates available. As long as you don't mind being a couple miles away from the nightlife, I would highly recommend this property.
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I found www.alluradirect.com/whistler to be very helpful in picking out places to stay. Good luck!
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Check out this web site
whistler accomodation and travel bookings
Their site has a great map of the village and you see exactly where the properties they handle are and when you click on it it takes you to more detail about each one. I'm sure their rates are competitive for what they are offering but I'm not sure if it may be higher or lower end then you're looking for. They can build the whole package with lift tickets, air, transfers, ski lessons or whatever. (I'm not sure how far the whatever extends).
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Originally posted by Ullr:
Hey Warren,

I see you are from Tremblant. Can you give me some inside information about the place. Where to stay, eat, nightlife, and oh yea, best time for snow. I am thinking of going next year.


: : :
For the best snow, don't go until at least mid January. The past few years around the holidays it was maybe 50 or 60 runs out of 90 open, mostly on the south side where most of the snow making is, I didn't find those to be the best conditions, wait until everything is wide open with some decent accumulation.

Are you driving up ? The most expensive places to stay are the hotels at the base of the south side of the mountain. The less expensive places are off the hill or in the old village of Tremblant, there is a shuttle bus that takes you to the hill.
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Thanks for the tips amc. I was just checking out your pics. When were you in Whistler? I was there from 1-26-03 to 2-2-03. : :
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Hi Ullr,

Your handle reminds me of a run at Jay Peak, "Ullr's Dream"

I was at Whistler during April and July of 2000. The weather can be a very mixed bag, several days of nothing but sun, then heavy snow the next.

I forgot to mention in my last post: There are lots of great restaurants, both in the "ginger bread village" at the base of the south side and the actual village of Tremblant as well as in St. Jovite.I like Le Shack and if you really want to treat yourself, the restaurant in the Chateau Tremblant Hotel.
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Another useful site for both short & long term accomodation lets:-

Go to the Classified adds menu & you'll see the link for lettings. Good idea if you don't know the resort is to check out the resort map first as it's a very spread out place & you could end up a long way from the lifts, village, etc.
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