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Is the new road to Snowbasin open yet? I thought i read somewhere it was supposed to be done by this season. If it is, does it cut the commute time as much as they say?

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it is done and quite a bit quicker, i was sleeping in the passenger seat till we got off the interstate, but from there i bet the time is cut in half

the new lifts are sweet too!

i love that place!

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I will be in Park City first week of March and am looking for a third-day place to complement days elsewhere. Is this "new route" easy enough to find for out-of-towners with a rental car?
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The new road in should cut about 15 mins off your drive time maybe more and Yes Ryan It will be easy to find. From Park City area You go east on I 80 to I 84 toward Ogden The freeway exist is clearly marked.The turn off for Snowbasin is also clearly marked.From the Park city area It is about a 45 min drive.

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