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park city lift lines

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i have never skied park city before, if i ski there on saturday will there probably be medium to long lift lines pretty much everywhere?
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Generally, PCMR has the longest lines on Saturday. They sell a Utah Student Pass to all local kids for very cheap (about $100) and that is the day mom drives up from SLC & Provo and shops at the outlets while Jr. and his/her three buddies mob the place. Luckily, they mostly stick to the terrain parks, so the upper mountain/expert terrain is lighter in crowds. On sunday, mom & family are in church, so the the resort is relatively slow. Keep in mind that the high season can creat significant crowds no matter what day. That said, I can always find areas/lifts that have short/no lines on just about any day if you know how to work around the mountain.

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Like Powdr said it's all about learning how rto work The Mountain. Here is a hint stay away from the Silver Load lift at lunch time. Other then that for a small fee I'll fill you in on some of the locals tips for skiing PCMR
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Originally posted by Utah49:
..for a small fee I'll fill you in on some of the locals tips for skiing PCMR
I'll do it for free if you ask nicely :

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IO was skiing Park city Yesterday and There wasn't anything close to a Lift line! The Parking lot was only about 1/2 full of cars and most of The mountain was empty! It was a great ski day. new hero powder on top of a vary soft base.
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Just got back from 8 days in Utah and we hit 6 different resorts including The anyons on a Sunday and Powder Mtn on a Saturday... we never saw anything close to resembling a liftline all week
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