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Interwest, what to not like

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I've heard some people say they really despise (or at least dislike) Interwest. What do people not like about them?
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A friend of mine went to Mt. Tremblant. He went out for dinner at several places, had drinks, bought souvenirs, lift tickets and in general had a wonderful time. Charged it all to get the airmiles.

Each and every line item in the bill he received the next month said "Intrawest". Going to an Intrawest resort is kind of like going to a theme park, with huge emphasis on the "resort experience".

Blue Mountain has had a whole village built at the base in the image of an European ski village.

In this elaborate fantasy world, skiing seems subordinate to the manufactured stylish apres ski fashion show, brought to you by: Intrawest.

I kind of like it, but it's expensive to take part in something that looks like a lifestyle commercial. I guess the bottom line is really the expense. Many people I know, be they right or wrong, blame Intrawest for making Whistler/Mt. Tremblant/Blue Mtn "too expensive".
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Intrawest has put a ton of money in to Mountain Creek. They've made many improvements so far. Although they are building a new base village and hotel before building a much needed new lodge. Hmmm.
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Intrawest is a resort developer first and a ski area operator second. Skiing is an amenity to the development just like golf or tennis. Intrawest pumped a huge amount of money into Vernon Valley after they took over and I’m glad they did. I think it’s unlikely it would still be a ski area if not for Intrawest.
It’s unfortunate that the lodge burned down and we are stuck with the current “temporary” structures at Vernon. FWIW the lodge at South is pretty nice.
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I have nothing against them. But at Whistler, their sales agents are obnoxious! Watch out at lunch! You are trying to get out the door to ski, and there's this agent right in your face.
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It's all about real estate sales. Although I haven't seen any aggressive agents at Mountain Creek.

They're gonna make MC into Stratton South. There's a big drawing over the door inside the Bubble village lodge.

It'll be good for the local economy I suppose.

Hey, how much do you think those independent houses on the side of the Exhibition terrain park at South go for?
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Here in Snowmass Village the Intrawest debate rages on a daily basis. I've met, skiied, partied, and continue to work with a number of the Intrawest Staff. While not bad people the ones from Canada talk a little funny.
Intrawest proposes to do with Snowmass Village and the Snowmass Ski Area what they did with Cooper Mtn. a mere 2 hour drive from here. While many will argue over how successful that deal is the numbers don't reflect well against the promises of this mighty "resort" developer from the North.
While Snowmass needs a "Base-lift" to beautify the area, we don't need the Front Range look duplicated here. With ski-day visits staying stagnant Intrawest claims to be able to attract a crowd with their 7-Story developments and oodles of shops and bars, and fortunately for us locals, lift improvements..... This will help attract money heavy flat-landers that want the SKI magazine, Disney-esque experience. Do we want that? "Hell yeah!" some would say. The power of the dollar will help anyone jump on board a fast moving development train destined for failure.
We already have a few bars and restaurants that do fairly brisk business when the people are here and some that don't. What makes Intrawest think that more commercialism and market hype will lure the people? Well I have that answer: They get paid big money just for setting the whole thing up, whether it succeeds, or not doesn't make 'em or break 'em.
Cooper Mtn. would be a good case study of Intrawest's ability to enhance a resort and the vacation experince a skiier or family of skiier's gets out of it.
One thing I'll vote for is lift improvements... Maybe this is where Intrawest can help...They have the cash, we have the need. Unfortunately that comes with a price.
I may over exagerate when I say the full Intrawest ride is destined for failure, if it succeeds then we'll be blessed with crowds this town has never seen, lines at the lifts, shops, and bank as far as the eye can see.

Anyone from Cooper that can expand on this?
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or Copper?
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Yeah ...that is pretty pour spelling.

you got anything else?
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I originally posed the question because I do a week at with family and friends every spring at mountain T. If I were just skiing I'd do Sugarloaf or Sugarbush/MRG/Stowe but for our vacation, Mt. T works great. The wives want to quit at 2:00 and get drink capucino out of a bowl. The guys want to ski in the woods/bumps til we are so beat we can't walk. The kids want to be near the pool. The 2you can go to daycare and I can take him to the magic carpet the last 20 minutes each. Mt. T is perfect for our family vacation. I don't mind there resorts like this. It's great.

On the other hand, don't let MRG or Castlerock ever ever change
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