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Recreational Slalom Skis

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How would you folks compare the various "recreational" Slalom skis. Do people have feelings about the Fischer World Cup SC vs the Rossi 9s Oversize vs the Atomics SL9/11. Anyone skiied all or several of these. Any comparisons?

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I have only tried the Atomics, both the 9's and 11's.

Between both of them, both are equally easy to ski, but the main difference is that the 9 is the type of ski that is set in its tracks, favouring real rollerblade turns, whereas the 11 is more nimble and light, allowing easy change of line in the course. Both are equally performing, which is nothing compared to any race stock ski, but the choice comes down to preference and style. Both are energetic and confidence-inspiring. For freeskiing, I'd pick the 9's personally.
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rossi 9SOS and Dynastar omecarve 10 ski similar and the 10 is less money. i have skied both in almost all conditions and if stay centred you will like/love them both
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6' 2" 210# & I ski the Fischer WCSC in 155cm


Pure arcs...like a Lionel on tracks!

The wife skis Atomic SL9's at 150cm and she figure 8's me all the way down the hill.

I used to ride Atomic 9.16 SL's, got a pair of Fischer Sceneo 500 in 170 and sold the Atomics the next day. One month later got the WCSC's. They make a great combo! The Sceneo's blast through anything and give you a Caddy ride with a 15 meter turn.
The WCSC's are pure adrenaline producers with a 9 meter turn.

I wonder if I will ever use my Ti CHUBBS again.....
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I disagree ragarding the atomics. I have owned the SL:11 since its inception and bought the SL:9 this season. The 9 is way more nimbler and lighter. The 11 is the heaviest set of skis I own (and the shortest). I got the 9, even though it is not nearly as high performance (and fast)(edge, etc) just so I can more easily correct my line. The retail 11 (the one I ski) along with the GS:11 is very close to the race-stock version (from what I am told from race coaches, I am not qualified to make that judgment).
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I think NCskier is right...
The SL:11 takes a lot more energy and force but also gives more rebound and grip in return.

It's more and harder work but if skied right, very rewarding!
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Ri, you might want to spend some more $ and check out the new ones: The 04/05 9S Oversize is wider - 118-66-104, radius 12m @ 165cm. I saw it at the SIA show and it was beautiful. The new SL:9 has mg channels and should be a bit higher performing. The new Elan slaloms looked awesome (3 different versions of SLs) but felt stiff. Fischer reduced the sidecut a tad.
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Originally posted by NCskier:
The new Elan slaloms looked awesome (3 different versions of SLs) but felt stiff.
Could you elaborate a bit on that? Pics?
I guess there's the SLX with Fusion bindings, the SLX without and the HCX which is now SX?
Or do they have three SLX's now?
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I will have some pics of the new Elan stuff shortly. Will post when I get the press pack through. (We also have someone going to Zermatt so might be able to elaborate further).

I absolutely love the Omecarve 10 and these are now first choice for me when on the groom. Unbelievable fun. Skied other peoples up until recently when I managed to pick up a pair of 172s at cost price. I wanted the 165 but not available and I could not pass up the 172 at that price.

The 172s are a big bundle of G pulling fun and react to your mood so do not require tonnes of energy. The 165s would be insane, think detuned Omeglass for days after extended periods of apres-ski.
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In addition, not sure if I would place the Fischers under a recreational tag as they do require a finer technique to get the most out of them.
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Race World Cup: Race-room World Cup skis. New Geometry.
GSX Race (no specs)
SLX Race (no specs)

Fusion Pro: Racing/Carving skis with the new Fusion ski-binding system.
Fusion Pro GX (GS Race) 164-178cm, 109-66-96 18m@178
Fusion Pro G (GS) 164-178cm, 109-66-96 18m@178
Fusion Pro SX (SL Race) 155-170cm, 114-66-104 12m@165
Fusion Pro S (SL) 155-170cm, 114-66-104 12m@165

Race: Racing/Carving skis. Integrated plate.
GX (GS Race) 164-178cm, 109-66-96 18m@178
G (GS) 164-178cm, 109-66-96 18m@178
SLX (SL Race) 155-170cm, 114-66-104 12m@165
SL (SL) 155-170cm, 114-66-104 12m@165

Copied this out of catalog so don't know any other info. Skis I looked at were Fusion Pro GX and SX. They consider all of these skis new. You can see there are 5 versions:
non-fis race with fusion
non-fis race without fusion
race carver with fusion
race carver without fusion

Closest thing to HCX would be Fusion Pro S and Race SL. After this you get into the S series (e.g. S 12 and so on). All terrain stuff is the same except additional Fusion offerings on M666, M555, etc.
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Well, the new SLX or Fusion Pro SX is gonna be my new set-up for next season.

Any advice on pro's and con's of the Fusion system?
Is it something to look for or to pass by and go with traditional race bindings?

Thanks for all the info and pics by the way fellas!
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