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Fed-Ex lost my skis

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Last week, I took the recommendations that I've read recently and purchased a pair of 170 Dynastar Skicross 10 ski with the Look P10 bindings online from Cupola sports. It was their last pair. They were shipped on Thursday and this past weekend, I notice no more tracking info after Friday. I called Fed-Ex on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning and was told not to worry about the lack of shipping info that they would arrive by 5:00 on Wednesday. I called again at 5:00 when they still were not delivered and the agent with whom I spoke at that point thought that there must be a problem since there was no tracking info since Friday.(?!?!) Well, there is now a trace on the package, but I have no faith that they will be found.
My question is whether anyone else has had this problem and whose loss is this? Is it my loss because I paid for the skis or the loss of Cupola Sports because I never received them? In other words, does Cupola still bill my credit card and I seek reimburesment from Fed-Ex or does Cupola credit me the amount they charged me and they seek reimburesment from Fed-Ex? And does anyone know of any other retailers who have the SkiCross 10/Look set-up in a 170 this late in the season - they were this year's 03/04 model? (I will also post a WTB in the classifieds.)
Thank you for any info.
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My guess is that you'll get them. I had a similar situation with UPS ground earlier this year. Stay in Fed EX's ear and make alot of noise with them or they'll just let it ride. Also get Cupolo involved to pressure FexEx. A couple of questions: Who paid shipping? Where they insured during shipping? If Cupolo paid the shipping, it's their deal. If you paid the shipping, declined insurance, and can't get FedEx to locate the skis, grease up 'cause you're screwed. Again, I think if you stay after Fed Ex, they'll turn up. Good luck!!
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Coach is right - FedEx will chase it down, stay on them, and keep Cupolo in the loop. Only time FedEx ever truly lost something, in @20 yrs I've used it 3-4x wkly, is when the FedEx truck carrying my pkg for delivery in Miami was stolen. But squeaky wheel approach may be needed.
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In case it doesn't work out and you need a new pair, you might try Skiershop.com. It appears that they have some in stock, but you should call to make sure.

I can personally vouch for Skiershop. I just received my new skis & bindings; great price and service (the guys really know thier stuff and are very helpful)and the shipping is free! They are also a real ski shop in Stowe, VT.

Good luck.
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If you never received them, you cannot be made to pay for them.

The shipper contracted Fedex to deliver them, and it's between them.

Good luck.
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Cupolo's is a great shop. They'll work with you.
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I'm sure that Jay will be more than happy to help you out. They ship out quite a bit of equipement, so im assuming that they have very good relations with FedEx, as they are a major customer. Cupolo's is a great shop that always tries to help their customers as much as possible. That is impressive that you got the last pair of SkiCross 10's from up there. I know they had a ton of them. Call the shop and ask for Jay, he deals with all of the internet sales (and is the boss of course). Good luck getting your skis. Once you get them, im sure you will love them (especially at the price they sell them at up there).
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Call me at 1-905-356-4850 or e-mail me at csports@sprint.ca.. I am sure I can throw Fed X a little body check and we'll find the package.
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Of course these were the last pair available! Packages never get lost when the product is still available!
I spoke with Barb at Cupola this morning and mentioned that I placed a trace on the package last night. She said that she would look into it, and she called me an hour later and said that she believes that Fed-Ex may have located the skis in New York and that they should be working there way to me. She said that she would call me tomorrow when she knew more.
As a clarification, I was at no time blaming Cupola for the problem with Fed-Ex. The people at Cupola were friendly and prompt throughout the ordering and shipping process, and they are continuing to be more than helpful. I was initially posting to determine whether I should pursue Fed-Ex or whether I should let Cupola handle it. I will update this forum when there is some certainty as to where Fed-Ex is hiding the skis.
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I spoke with Jay this morning. Cupola contacted Fed-Ex after I spoke with them yesterday, and the skis have cleared customs and they are now in NY. As was mentioned, Cupola has been very responsive and helpful since they were notified, and I am impressed with their service and their response.
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Great news, glad it's working out. BTW, you'll like the SC 10's. I have a pair of the '04's myself.
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The skis arrived yesterday. I returned home to find them by my front door. The box was a mess and I could see the skis inside the box as some of the cardboard was cut away so I was a little concerned. Nevertheless, they were packed very well inside the box and they seemed no worse despite the condition of the package in which they arrived - to which I blame FedEx and not Cupola. I waxed them last night, checked the boot fit, and everything looked great. I look forward to skiing them...next season!
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Next season!!! Trust me on this one 'cause I know from experience. You better take them out for at least a few runs or sometime around Septempber they'll start calling out to you in the night interrupting your sleep.
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Fedex's online tracking system..........

Hi ...I recently purchased skis from Cupolos too and My tracking stopped also on a Friday...But, I received skis on the following Wednesday...6 days to Texas ( pretty good I thought ) I think Fedex must have a glitch in their online tracking system. Cupolos has been Awesome....I'm Happy! Glad you got your skis too................Winter seems so far away, but it'll be here before we know it......Later.....Leisa
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