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Breckenridge questions

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have been going to Utah the past 10 years but am trying out breckenridge for the first time. any suggestions?
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If you are used to the terrain at Snowbird and Alta, the high alpine bowls at Breck will be the closest thing. The Horseshoe, Cucumber and Contest bowls off of the t bar on peak 8 offer the best lift served skiing on the mountain, if you are looking for steeper wide open bowl skiing. The Imperial bowl and Peak 7 bowl, as well as the chutes at the top of peak 9 require a 30 minute hike from the top of the lifts, but offer great skiing, although it is sometimes awfully windy along the ridge. The climb discourages many, so there is often untracked snow up there. There is also good black terrain off of lift 6, but the cover has not been great this year, due to the worse than average snow pack.

The blue terrain is, I think, very generously rated- the blues at Breck would be greens at Snowbird, but there are some nice cruisers all over tha mountain.

Snowpack this year has not been great (a problem common to most of the intermountain west), but I was up on Monday this past week and there was a foot of fresh in the Peak 8 bowls. They tend to get more snow than many areas of Breck because of wind loading.
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How long will you be in Breckenridge?

I'd recommend skiing at some other areas- if you're looking for something similar to Alta try A-Basin. Copper Mt. is nice and if you haven't been to Vail I would check it out too.
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thanks dp. that's what i am hunting for. the group we are going with has some new skiers in it so i'll go at those alone or hook up with sombody else. we will be there from Feb 20-25 and hope to try another area during that time. that is actually one of my favorite things about utah, the diversity in not only terrain but in resort.
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Skied CO for the first time this past Dec., loved every minute.

I rate the resorts I skied in this order;

1. Vail- just the sheer size and unlimited possibilities blew me away. Don't miss Blue Sky Basin.

2. Breck- a close second, huge as well, with my favorite terrain, long blue cruisers that you can really open it up on.

3. Keystone- Really good too, just my least favorite of the three.

Definitely try to ski at least 2 areas, if you buy the PEAKS card, you have your choice of 4 days wherever you want, Breck, Keystone, A-Basin and one of those days @ Vail or Beaver.

I hear Copper is really sweet as well.

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Breckenridge has some good terrain if you know where to look...we've been there for the past 3 years in mid march. Definatly hit up the bowls off the tbar but there is alot of other good terrain depending on how the coverage is.

Many of the runs off peak 9 have good consistant pitches...devil's crotch, mine shaft, ect. Also ski the windows....prob the best tree skiing at breck. The burn is also good tree skiing.

The runs off of the back side of 10 are challenging if they have good snow....mustang, darkrider...

There is also a few good runs off lift6. When you get off the lift go left then traverse as far as possible and ski way out.

I did not like keystone and have never skied vail or abasin. Copper was alot of fun and they have some good terrain depending on snow.

Hope that helps and if ya need any more info just let me know

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The burn is also good tree skiing
I'll be there Feb 17-23...I obviously have to hit that one! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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