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Lake Louise conditions

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Has anyone skied Lake Louise in the last day or two? Is it worth going, or should I stay home? Any feedback would be appreciated.
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Last weekend the report I got from people who skied it on the 18th was that it was slush on the bottom, but still very good up high on the back-side. I've had to mark a class load of take homes and research proposals so I haven't had a chance to head out this weekend to verify.
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Skied the Lake today and despite poor reports I found the snow was very good although light was so so. Afternoon the sun came out and all was good. ER6 was best with soft winter snow. ER7 was next but the sun made the winter snow a bit sticky for a while. It can all change with a sunny day but good for now. Heard good reports about Larch as well.
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skiied the lake on Thursday (4-22) It was my first time so I did na really know what I was doing, was told to get off the frontside ASAP so i did, it was still hard in the morning ( or so it seemed) so i ended up over on larch making fast hard grooomer runs. Hiked Elevator shaft for some suprising soft snow, explored the rest of the mountain & found some great skiing of the poma; Whitemore chutes area, it was noonish & it felt like the snow had not melt/frozen @ all. Paradise offered good snow too if you traverse out of the mogulfields.
finished with some soft groomed runs on the fron, all in all a great day, much better than SSV on Sat where nothing was soft even with the 6cms they got.
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Where were you on Saturday, innkeeper?
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Would Matt_Davis be synonomous with a tree like name on another board. Sorry I missed you, Calgary ran longer than I had hoped. really meant to be there Thur and too bad because I could have shown you around. Sounds like you made out alright but missed on ER6 and ER7 which had the best snow of all. Winter snow right up until mid day today.
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Originally posted by JeffW:
Where were you on Saturday, innkeeper?
Early bus til 115 bus to Banff to bus to CGY to flght to SLC
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Judging from the webcam shots at the bottom lodge, Louise is looking pretty unappetising; lots of dirt showing. One more trip would be nice, though, so I might have to head out tomorrow or the next day. If anybody skied it today, or is going to ski it tomorrow, an updated condition report would be nice.
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The bottom is pretty grim but not much higher up is lots better. It's puking in town here and looks like I'll have to go up skiing tomorrow. I'll let you know. Wish my income tax would do itself.
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