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Did any mountain on the East get snow instead of rain? I was at whiteface this weekend and it was snow/sleet to rain, so I'm assuming that nobody south of that got snow
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I think it rained all the way down to NYC. Not a good thing...
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It rained here Saturday but snowed yesterday. Here Being Seven Springs and Hidden Valley.
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Rain at the Bush as of 3PM yestreday. I think Jay made out Ok with 8 or so fresh by this morning. :
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At Stowe it switched over to snow about 2:30 and got cold and windy. It stopped snowing around midnight, but blew 'til morning. I am told it was waist deep in the woods, but I was teaching level 3's on greens all day. I have tomorrow off, I hope they left some for me....
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BTW guys, this next week, points north of killington, looks like exceptional midwinter conditions.... powder on a soft base, every treeline primo. Too bad I'm tired of cold and spent... I'm looking for some spring sunshine and family skiing in a couple of weeks.
could be big fun!
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Okemo- all snow but very wet and heavy-Monday cold and windy but great winter conditions. We still have a good base and lot's of great bumps.
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