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Sugarbush shortcut?

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I might be heading to Sugarbush (from Boston) tomorrow. I heard there was a 'shortcut' where I didn't have to go all the way up on 89 to the 100 south exit. Anyone know this and how to get to it? (directions). Also.. would you recommend for it or against it (based on current snow conditions).

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The pass is fine if the weather is at or below freezing...I will have to send a PM because when I tried to paste the directions I kept getting an error message
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2.*** After crossing NH-VT border, stay on I-89 North for ~40 miles to Exit 5 for Williamstown/Northfield / VT Rte 64.
3.At end of ramp, turn left onto VT 64 West.
4.Continue on VT 64 West until you come to a STOP sign about 2 miles , this is VT 12.
5.Go straight at STOP sign onto dirt road. there is a Mobil gas station/convenience store here – . This dirt road is Lovers Lane.
6.After <1 mile you will come to another STOP. Turn left onto VT 12A South.
7.Follow VT 12A South into town of Roxbury ~7 miles. Beware of speed trap as you enter Roxbury!
8.Turn right onto Warren Mountain Rd. Steep, winding, dirt, road over a mountain pass. 7 miles
9.Coming down the other side of the mountain, come to a STOP sign. Go straight onto Airport Rd.
10.After ½ mile, follow Airport Rd as it turns sharply to the right straight becomes Dump Rd.
11.Follow Airport Rd. another 3 miles. It becomes a fairly steep downhill dirt road.

At the end of this road is RT 100
Sugarbush to the left Waitsfield to the right

Have fun

The reason I was getting error message is the board does not allow Parentheses - go figure
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How much time does it save?
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about 20 minutes...the other route adds about 25-30 miles

You don't want to go that route if it is muddy or in the middle of a 5 plus inch storm...I made it up and over all winter with a front wheel drive car without any problem...it is a little shaky the first time you do it in the dark but it is really no big deal...
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