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Discounted Lifts in USA 03/04

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Hola fellow skiers! Researching for next January (starting on 1/5, after holidays) found the PEAKS program for Vail and all its nearby areas (Keystone/Beaver/A-Basin/Breck)works out to $33/day for 14 days, cheaper than Whistler! Pretty darn good I think.

Would anyone be kind enough to shed some light on similar possibilities for the following areas: ASPEN MOUNTAINS (the 4 of them); LAKE TAHOE; SALT LAKE CITY areas; and any other PLANS that would be as low as the Vail deal for areas within 20 mile radius????

If we do the Vail deal, we may go to Winter park for 3 days since it's been 8 years from last visit (and we liked it).

Hoping your snow withdrawals are not as bad as mine, GRACIAS!!!!!
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I think PEAKS is gonna be about your best deal.

I'm doing a 3 week CO trip this year and thats the route I'm going.
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Tks Xdog! Yes, Peaks seems to be it. I saw something about a King Sooper deal for $99/4 days @ Winter park (02/03). Would you have any experience with King Soopers discounts? I really don't want to spend all my time at Vail et al., and now am thinking of adding Steamboat for 3 days (again, 8 yrs. since last visit). So, tentative plans: 1/1-3 WP, 1/4-6 Steamboat, 1/7-10 Vail, 1/11-14 Beaver, and 1/15 ABasin (never been to the Basin). Just need to find special rates for all these.


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copper had a 4 for 99.00 if you bought before nov.15th, keystone & a basin also had the 4 for 99.00 with a pre nov.15th purchase, they change the deals each season so keep watch. I'm looking for a deal for alta for next season.
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Copper has a program similar to PEAKS called the Copper Card. They go on sale in the fall and you can order them over the phone. There's also been a 4Pass available in the past for roughly $80 - $100. There's a limited number, they're only sold on the front range (Denver, etc), and there's no guarentees they'll sell that pass next year. Heck - you might even want to consider a season pass. Copper is $249 for the entire season, $319 for Copper + Winter Park. Likewise, a Keystone+Breck+A Basin pass is $299, or for $319 you can get an additional 10 days at Vail.

Or you can find an employee with comps and ask him how many cases of beer he'd be willing to trade.
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bteddy, TKS! I really like Copper (probably one of may favorites) but been there too many times so I'm shooting for WPark and Steamboat in addition to Beaver,Vail,Abasin (PEAKS).

If by any chance you do come upon some info. on discounts for these 2 resorts, please advise.

Best Regards.
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BV, gracias! The 4Pass, is it applicable to Winter Park and/or Steamboat? If so, any web-site that I can bookmark for re-checks?

Any information you may have regarding Denver/other Newspaper deals would appreciate.

All the best.
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So far I haven't heard of any 4Pass style product for either Steamboat or Winter Park. In the past, the only way you could get them for a Vail Resort property (Keystone, Breck) or for Copper was to purchase them at a store in Denver. No mail order, no orders on the web, etc. I don't think you're likely to find one for Steamboat. They're more in the destination resort arena than the others. It's too early though unless you're interested in a season pass. Check out Winter Park's web site in the fall for more info : http://www.skiwinterpark.com
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