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Got Sun?

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Thought I'd let everyone know about a great deal I heard about on at my home mountain, Sun Valley, Idaho. Apparently, the local Chamber of Commerce is offering a 4 nights lodging, 3 skiing-days deal for only $259 per person. Its for an event in March (I think around the 14th or 15th?) called Soul Fest where they have pro-skiers doing big jumps, there are bands, etc. I'd love to have all of my friends come visit our wonderful mountain!!!! I'm guessing there's more info at their website: www.visitsunvalley.com
Let me know if you're going to come!
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##### Here's a more pertinent question....Got Snow?##### P.S....AC, this looks like Spam!<FONT size="1">

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Yes, we have around 70 inches (and dumping) which is more than enough to cover our hill. And NO this is not spam, poundkey, I'm just trying to get people to enjoy our hill for a killer deal. Relax!
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My sarcasm bell is going through the roof.

SV - you must be the ONLY local from Blaine County that would be encouraging more tourists.

So, what eatery do you have a share in?

That being said. We will probably be checking into that deal See ya up there maybe...
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Kinda does reek of spam, huh?

I just got back from a week at Sun Valley and can say that, while they aren't having an epic season from a coverage point of view, the skiing is damn good. You had to like groomers, though. Like 3000' at a time. All day long. No lift lines. Sunshine and 20 - 30 degrees.

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