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Advice needed for Lake Tahoe ski trip

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I'll be going for a 2 days next weekend (Jan 19-20) along with a bunch of others. Sun is Heavenly since one of the girls has a timeshare there. We need to choose for Sat.

I'm an intermediate and I think the rest are also below advanced.

I need to decide between Alpine, Sugarbowl, Homewood, Sierra@Tahoe or one of the smaller ones. Mainly looking for long cruising blues, lots of grooming and less crowds. I've been to SAT but its crowded. Homewood looks nice, is cheap but I read it has really slow lifts. Any opinions?
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Go to Sierra,the terrain is ideal,the location is the next best thing to Heavenly,approx 20 mins drive not to bad after a day of skiing.You will find there customer service second to none.
Have a great time ..
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sierra is my home resort, and if you are going on a saturday, there will be a few crowds (one of the closest to sacramento)...but terrain-wise, sierra fits your description perfectly...sierra has a couple high speed quads that keep the lines moving pretty fast, so i don't know if that's such a prob...snowboarders all over the place, most beginner to intermediate, so that bugs me too...but otherwise, i'd say go for sierra
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I'd forgotten that Sierra also gives free lessons to Intermed's and above, so that's a big plus.
Looks like it will be Sierra - the only bummer is there are NO discounts, even with my Tahoe card.
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NorthStar-at-Tahoe, Sierra's sister resort, has great terrain for your (and my) level. It will be crowded, though.
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since you will be at Heavenly, you might consider spending both days there too. Spend one day on the California side and one day on the Nevada side. Comet express, Dipper express and the new chair (Tamarack 6pack)
offer a great deal of blue cruising runs. The Olympic Downhill is a couple of miles of blue cruising and the Nevada side is much less crowded than the CA side. If you go the first day there...

If you don't need any of the special services at the Boulder base, head for the Stagecoach base. That's usually even less crowded..
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Oh yeah,
Go to an Albertsons somewhere outside of the Tahoe basin for discount lift tickets to Heavenly. 46.00 for adult ticket. (8.00 savings)
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You may want to try Kirkwood, a little further out, and as a result normally less busy, has a nice mix of terrain, and a more laid back feel.......but really you can't lose, there is so much great skiing in the Tahoe area.

Have fun, ski safe!
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If you can switch to have Heavenly on Sat. and Sierra on Sunday, you can save a few bucks. Albertson (in the bay area, but I heard they don't have them in Truckee and Tahoe area) has discount tickets to Heavenly and you can pick up a 2 for 1 coupon at Carl's Jr for Sierra (Sunday-Friday only).

Kirkwood is another place where they groom their blue runs really nice and their back side is awesome.

Hve fun

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