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Was fantastic at Alpental this past Tuesday. Bluebird skies and great snow. Awesome terrain there at chair two and over the back side. Nice and steep. You people who are regulars there are lucky. My kind of place, steep, bumps, trees and rocks to launch. Liked it better than Crystal but the weather had an influenc on that. Crystal was awesome also except for the cloud that moved in.
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Sorry to miss you at Crystal, Lars. You must've had the only clouds there this week. Clouds supposed to be moving in tomorrow. Hope they hold off for the morning. As warm as it's been, one more good morning will be just the ticket!!
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When does Alpanal end its season?
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Ya Bob, Too many family commitments. Crystal was nice till it clouded over. Nice area. Loved it. Whistler sucked weather wise also. Alpental is going to be open all month with a late season pass for 59 dollars unlimited use. Not bad.
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Alpental is my home mountain. It is awesome. I like to drive to Mt Baker, Crystal and Stevens but rarely can I justify the drive and expense since I have a season pass to Alpental and the terrain is challenging and varied, though small. I usually go elsewhere just for variety sake. I bought avy equipment this year and plan on taking an avalanche course next year with my ski partner to explore the 750 or so incredible acres of terrain out of bounds that I see every time just through the gates as I ski down Nash/International on the backside. Alpental still has 200+ inches snow up the top but they are going to weekend operation only after this week. There are rumours they may stay open weekends through the beginning of May. Forecast calls for snows this weekend on the Cascade passes. I went up yesterday and it was awesome spring skiing the entire day. Blue skies, many t-shirts, got to watch avy control explosion on cornices above Edelweiss bowl, easy to ski soft snow, wasn't even slushy at 2:30 when I left.
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Lars, sorry I missed you at Crystal. Were you able to ski in either the North or South backcountry?
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