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Park City / DV Wind Conditions

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Did anyone go to either of these on 1-1? I'm planning on going Fri 1-2, but am concerned about wind , as Alta and Snowbasin were apparently miserable today. Can't get any word on how Pk Cty area is faring in this regard.

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Park City and DV both had a number of lifts on wind holds at various times throughout the day and The Canyons pretty much shut down at one point - I know of several resorts in the Tahoe area that didn't even open due to wind and weather! It's forecasted to be a bit less windy tomorrow (1/2) than today but definitely check websites or call snowphones for the most up to date information.
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It was windy today. White out conditions. They closed the upper half of the mountain at Park City around 3 or so.
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I heard on the radio This morning that at one of the Wasatch weather station on a ridge top they clocked winds at over 100 mph yesterday. I skied Park city and it was vary windy. Right now I'm looking out at blue skys and littel to no wind and at least 10" over night.
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