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Winter Park?

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I am going on a vacation with my wife and some family (all couples in the early to mid 30's).. lots of intermediates - from 'early intermediate to mid intermediate' (except me and maybe 1-2 more people, which are advanced/expert and like steeps and bumps.. but are willing to sacrifice some of that for a place where the rest will be happy).

I am considering Winter Park (because there is a mogul camp I can do there while we are there.. and I've been trying to get to that camp for a while). I was wondering what input people have about Winter Park. Does it have enough intermediate terrain to keep intermediates happy? How's the town?

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You will find plenty to keep you happy on Mary Jane. There are an adequate number of blue and green runs on the Winter Park side to keep a descriminating intermediate skier happy. The town of Winter Park is rather sleepy. No one will ever confuse it with Breckenridge or Park City. However, You're there to ski, right? We keep going back.
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Yes, WP has lots of easy stuff, and intermediate. And some steeper bumpy stuff. Mary Jane, which is its own mtn but connected by runs and lifts, is the top rated bump mtn in the USA (N. America?) by the latest Skiing Magazine. Plus it's got a bowl that has a groomed section for lesser skilled, ungroomed and a backside for better skiers.

And there is Vasquez Mtn which has groomers and some fun bumps and usualy very few people. That is cuz it is flat to get too and between the end of the runs and the lift there is a stream which forced them to build the lift a ways back on some flat stuff. But if you can skate it is minor. Good snow and sun over there.

Wear the Fox Hat can vouch for me on that I think.

It is the resort closest to Denver (besides Eldora west of Boulder) so weekends can get crowded but during the week it can be empty.

Skiing Magazine, The latest issue, also wrote an article about the town. Which I thought was funny cuz it is not much of a party place. I like it's side of the road quality cuz I dislike Summit County and its development. WP is my 2nd home and I want it to stay a smallish town. We'll see about that though.

I am biased on my take on nightlife too cuz I tend to leave it all out on the dirt or the snow and don't have much juice for partying.

My parent's own a three bedroom condo which they rent if you are looking for a place to stay. Not sure of the procedures but PM me if you are interested and I can check into it for you.

Shuttle buses run every half hour to the WP base there, as well as on routes all over the valley.
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One more thing: you can get a season pass for WP for I think $255. Depending in how long you are going to stay this may save you money over buying tickets at the base.

check it out at www.skiwinterpark.com

Again, Wear the Fox Hat might vouch for this as he has bought the season pass for his trips to WP from Ireland.
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I agree with Astro.
If you're staying more than 10 days, a season pass is cheaper, also you may be able to get buddy passes and reduce the cost further (haven't checked this year, cause I won't be there )
Nightlife is on the quiet side, but again, as Astro says, I tend to ski hard through the day, and not have much energy left by the evening.

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I think it will have enough intermediate and expert terain to keep everyone happy! When I was there last year we had fresh snow the whole week, it was the greatest ski trip I've ever had. I think it would meet your need quite nicely. The view on top of parsenn bowl is amazing. Have fun [img]smile.gif[/img]
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