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Alta for Intermediates?

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So I am already pondering my options for ski trips next year. I keep hearing about the epic snow and terrain at Alta and how it is not outrageously expensive like other destination resorts. What I wonder is whether this is an appropriate mountain for an intermediate skiier (myself) who is comfortable on all Blue terrain and starting to venture out on easy bumps and groomed blacks. Am I just not going to be able to appreciate a trip there or is there enough for someone like me to spend a week?
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there is much intermediate terrain @ alta. the entirity of the Supreme accesed terrain (aside from the spiny backs) is great blue heaven.
plus, for a whole week you can venture to other resorts (Solitude, the Canyons, snowbasin) that are not to far away.
ALso Alta has fantastic instructors.
there is great low angle powder skiing there if you are blessed with a storm. seriously hero pitches that will get you in the swing of things.
very unassuming resort also. as long as you can put up with us horribly addicted folks going by you on traverses you will enjoy it.
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Alta has a bit of everything for everybody. That is probably why it is one of the resorts in the world that has a 'cult' following.

Sugarloaf area is great for intermediates. There are some great groomer there as well as some steeper runs if you so should choose. As Matt stated above, Supreme has some great groomed blues and blacks, and some blues that are not groomed. Collins also has some great blue runs. Even beginners can find great snow and terrain in the Sunnyside area. Also like Matt said, there are another 6 resorts very, very close by if your looking for something a bit different.

Here is a link to their online map: http://www.alta.com/trail.html

Alta is just a great mountain, I guess that is why I talk about it like its a family member.

If you make it out, make sure to look a few of us Utah-Bears up!
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Gforce, check out the Meet on the Hill forum. We are planning a "bears" trip to Alta next year. BTW, Sugarloaf is my favorite NE mountain!
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Alta is a real nice place, but it isn't an intermediate paradise. In terms of 'lift-served' terrain, it would have to be classified as small. I don't know the numbers and they don't advertise those numbers, but I would guess that lift-served acreage is in the 600-700 acre range. They just take a large 2000 acre parcel of mountain and strip a few lifts through it. If you are adventurous, there is a LOT there for a week. But if you are a timid emerging skier; you should choose another mountain, or make distinct plans to also ski other areas like Brighton, The Canyons, or PCMR.

Its legendary snow also translates into snowy days. It is one of the better big snow resorts in the country because the fronts usually move through; but a huge snowstorm in the middle of your week could put a real damper on your skiing, while all the powderhounds are bragging about the place being Nirvana.

The bottom line is that if you are a skier with limitations; as I am, you need to plan some options in for when the conditions move beyond your capabilities!

Hope you have a good time!! [img]smile.gif[/img]

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I want to add to what Matt davis said.Alta has lots of terrain for everyone and a great ski school.The place is a classic.With acouple of good lessions you maybe looking at doing more then groomed blues and Black runs.Deer Valley also has a great Ski School.Sure deer Valley cost more but you do get your moneys worth there.Plus here in Utah all the major resorts
are with in an hours drive of each other.Each resort has it's own flavor.If you want to do a trip on the cheap stay in Salt Lake City and drive up the Canyon.Heck it only takes me 45 mins to get to Alta and Snowbird from Park City.Or come over to the Park City side of the Wasatch Mountains.Park City is Utah's only true ski town with great places to eat and fun bars ect...From my frount door it's less then 5 mins to Park City Mountain resort about the same to Deer Valley and maybe 10 mins to the Canyons.Thats over 8,700 acers of skiing within a few mins from anywhere in Park City.No matter if you spend your whole time at Alta or do a resort a day Your going to have a great time here in Utah.
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Geez, I had to clean up my keyboard after my profuse drooling while reading the descriptions of the place. It's going to be a long summer waiting...

LM - thanks for mentioning the Bear's trip but the dates don't quite work for me.

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