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North Lake Tahoe

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How late do the resorts usually stay open? Assuming there is snow next weekend (28th-29th) will there be someplace to ski?

Anyone...Anyone...Bueller...Bueller?<FONT size="1">

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http://www.skialpine.com/tahoe/SITE/...y/411/0/direct <FONT size="1">

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Thanks dchan...the fat lady has not sung yet! Hopefully, the skis are going to come out of retirement (again!)
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I know. I wish I could get away. This week is birthday parties for my friends kids (they went skiing with us last week) and Next week is "Rebuilding together", What used to be Christmas in April. I'm working on a remodel for them. Sundays, I help teach Churchschool for the next few weeks and I'm just too busy at work to just leave again. Have fun.
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I'll take a run for you!
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It's been sunny all afternoon. I should have brought my inlines to work.
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I know, what's up with this weather?

I keep mine in the trunk of my car (I am lucky, I get to drive to work), you never know when you might want to bust them out. Although, with this allergy season being soooo sneezy, I am afraid to go crazy outside and ingest any more pollen than necessary!
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Mammoth says that they will be open into June...who knows
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Hey M.C.-Any idea how long of a drive it is from SF to Mammoth?
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with good weather it's around 6 hours to mammoth.
I think I'm the lucky one as far as transportation. the N Judah is a block from my house. and a block from work. no parking hassles no driving headache. Fastpass and no parking tickets..

I could drive but why?<FONT size="1">

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I made the trip in 7 hours from Vacaville,not to long ago. The fastest way seems to be through Tahoe, down the grade, and straight down 395. It took 8 1/2 coming home thorugh a snow storm.
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oh yeah. It's sunny out here by the beach right now. I think it's raining at pac bell park
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Ahh, I drive to work b/c they give me a parking space! Not a bad deal

dchan are you home already? I am soooo jealous! I am still at work wasting away the afternoon. I don't think it's raining over at Pac-bell. It's not over here by Ghiradelli Sq. nice and sunny.
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I'm at work at 6:30 was raining when I left work. coming down pretty hard.
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