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Jackson conditions

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Finally it is good enough at JH to bother with a snow report. Over the last week or so JH has gotten (about) 3 ft of new. Some days like yesterday it has been rather warm at the base, but the snow is holding up perfectly up high. Crowds have not been bad with essentially no lift lines.

Now as a jaded local I read the snow report with a jaudiced eye, but really, the conditions are pretty dam good.

Spent Sunday all off track in snow boot high to almost knee high. More snow is expected.

Eating places (don't know about Bubba's) were not too crowded this past weekend, and motels had lots of vacancies. Good time to ski JH.
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I'm headed there this comming saturday for a weeks vacation. Last year when I was there the backcountry conditions sucked and the only hiking we did was the headwall, which is even in bounds. How are the BC conditions looking so far out there? Any chance the couloir will be open by then?
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I only have second hand info. The resort is reporting all trails open which should mean Corbet's. I have not looked at it this season so I am not positive.

I ski no out of bounds but have seen people consitantly heading out. If in bounds is good out of bounds should be better. I have no info about the avalanche danger. I guess this is somewhat like the no help what so ever desk!

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I'm booked for the 02/13 - 02/17 at the Spring Creek Ranch. Pray for snow.
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jhstroup and pinhed:

I'll echo Trouthead's comments. I was there this past Fri/Sat/Sun. It was excellent and getting better by the hour. Coverage is good all the way to the bottom and more snow is predicted.

Corbet's was not open, as the Indicator Rocks (a pod of rocks in the center of the run about 50 yards below the entrance) were still exposed. Those rocks need to have a bit of coverage before the patrol will open Corbet's. It's got to be getting near, however, with the snow the last two days.

Backcountry was quite good on Saturday (I didn't go BC on Sunday) but the avalanche danger was rated as "Considerable". We saw evidence of a number of natural slides on steep southeast and south-facing slopes at mid to high elevations. There has been a great deal of wind and drifting the last few days. If you go, check the reports and be careful.

Have fun.

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backcountry at JH was very good around New Years--surprisingly good for so early. Low avy danger too. then there was a 2 week or so lull without much new, and I am told the snow in the bc got crappy. With all of the recent snow, I would think snow conditions in the bc are very good again, but avy danger is another story.
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