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Old Ski Data - GS

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Anyone know what a typical tip/waist/tail(mm) and sidecut radius would have been in a high-end GS ski made, oh, 20-25 years ago.

Just curious. Thanks.
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I cannot tell you what the dimensions were 25 years ago but here is a quick look at the '93/'94 K2 stuff

GS Race - 86.9/62.5/76.7
SLC - 81.8/64/77.5

Girl, you need to step up and change your skiing. Adapt to the new stuff.
On the other hand if you stick with straight skis you should be able to pick-up up good clean pairs for dirt cheap.
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Checked on some of my old stuff. The radius on a pair of 200cm K2's where 56m. I would guess that some of the older skis had an even larger turning radius. Dimensions on the K2 is 84 64 72.
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205 Volk Zebra:

Tip-mid-tail: 87.3 / 69.1 / 77.7 mm
Est. area: 1508 cm^2
Sidecut radius: 60 m

Tom / PM
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It's ugly isn't it?! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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