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Anyone skied Crystal Mtn?

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Looking for some feedback on the conditions at Crystal as the snow continues to fall....anyone been up since they opened?


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snowboardseattle.com often has same day trip reports for crystal, stevens, snoqualmie and mt baker. also nwsr.com.

I'll try to go Wed and post a report. Otherwise, looks like Friday thru the weekend. Stevens is supposed to open soon, too.
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I heard Saturday was raining, Sunday I haven't heard.
Mondays was an excellet day to be there, glad I went.
Here's a couple of reports from NWSR.com.

Cystal Mt, WA

$12 this week with another resort's season pass!

Finally!!!! Best day of this season (not hard to say that based on what the first three days where probably like), Pretty good coverage, but will go fast with big crowds on busy days. Started out the morning with some warm up runs on FQ downhill run, boot top high pow that was good down to about the same elevation as the bottom of Rex, coverage was actually really good on what I skied. Then the big bonus at 10:15!!! Rex opens for the first time this year. Can I say ouch!!! Front side off the top was technically closed, but it got tracked up pretty much completely. Patrol seemed to be lookin the other way, thanks. Valley opened a little later, was real nice, except for the area around the top of GV chair, nothing but rocks, will need a good foot of low wind deposit before it becomes skiable, but you could step through the area and then the rest of the bowl was great, Grubstake was really nice. The entrance to the valley was great from over by Rex. Top of Ice Berg will lose snow fast with lots of trafic. Lucky Shot was surprisingly good, again thanks to low trafic. Did I say that Sunny Side was really good, just needed to ski around the little trees and brush. The whole mountain will need some more dumps to keep ahead of the traffic, but if you got rock skis or a season pass from the less fortunate areas to the north you better get up there and make some turns. - ddk

Monday was apparently the first day for Green Valley. Found boot deep all over & some knee deep here and there. Was watching out for low cover in the trees, but suprisingly good cover was found. Just need to watch for the wind scoured thinnes (like at the top of GV). We cycled a combo of the Green Valley chair to around the back to Lucky Shot, then Rex up top to access the snowy side of GV itself, avoiding Green Back where the rocks were still out in force. TomK & Kerry.
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