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easiest weekends from london?

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ok, i just moved here from ny and am pysched about these discount airlines that fly throughout the continent (ryanair, etc).

anyways, where is the easiest place to get to and also not too crowded. i hate crowds and love pow.

lemme have it....
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1. The Eurostar ski train down to Bourge St Maurice. From there it's only a short journey to the major French Alp resorts.
2. Easyjet to Geneva. You can then go to Chamonix, Portes du Soleil etc
3. Go (the airline) to Lyon, then as 1 above.
4. Fly to Nice (I think Easyjet again) then go up to Isola.

OK, that's France out of the way.
Next: Austria.
Ryanair in to Salzburg, then take your pick.
Alternatively go to Munich, and hire a car with holidayautos.com
The transfers are too long for parts of Italy.

I've gone to Chamonix for a short break before. If you don't want to do it all yourself, there are plenty of tour ops that specialise in weekends, e.g. Beaumont or Ski-Weekends

Anything else you want to know?
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yeah, actually there is...

what's up w/ all the billboards i see for travelling insurance? i'm guessing that you're not covered medically when you leave the country? i think i may have some private u.s. care (i know it wouldn't cover me in france, but elsewhere it works) and am now getting switched over.

i'd think about a tour operator, but i'd rather kind of swing it alone w/ a little adventure to be had. i'll try salzburg seeing as how they've had a bit of snow so far this year (at least more than france)

edit- what about options out of torino, italy? what's easy to get to from there?

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If you've got a British passport, get an E111 form (I think you can get them at the passport office)
This will give you basic health cover in any European Community country.
This doesn't cover ski injuries, etc, but my travel insurance covers me worldwide for up to 31 days skiing, and up to 6 months away from home for about £80. If you want to include heli skiing and stuff like that, it will probably cost around £120. You can reduce it if you don't plan to ski US/Canada. There's a premium for skiing there because of the law suit culture (Oh, I can feel I'm going to get flamed for that one!)
If you go to Trailfinders or Citybound, you should be able to get a good deal on it.

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hmmm, kinda useless if it doesn't cover ski injuries seeing as how those are the ones i'm most likely to get on a ski vacation.

i'll figure something out.
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Welcome to London! Hope you find enough skiing to keep you happy.

Buzz (www.buzzaway.com) fly to Chambery which is good for the French Alps (Val d'Isere, Meribel etc).

Alternatively if you go for a week you may get a very cheap charter seat. Look in the travel sections of the weekend broadsheets for ads.

The all-night Eurostar is a good option if you don't want to sleep (no bunks or anything - just 13 hours in a train seat). However it's more expensive than flying.

Ski Weekend are very expensive - I nearly went for a w/e with them in December & ended up going for a week because it was cheaper...

Most Italian resorts are a long transfer from Turin. To find out about transfer times, resort locations etc look at one of the big package operator's brochures (e.g. www.crystalski.co.uk or www.inghams.co.uk).

Have you learnt about the 'London' airports yet? Most cheap flights go from Luton or Stanstead, neither of which would anyone sane consider actually to be in London. Some (Easyjet in particular) go from Gatwick (also 35 miles away from London) and none will go from Heathrow. If, like me, you live in SW London it's a good two hours journey to Stanstead.
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