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The Best?

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Which is the best high end all mountain wear for snow skiing?

1) Mountian Hardware

2) North Face

3) Patagonia

4) Marmot

5) Other (please state)
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Out of the choices present i would say northface, but i havent had experience with the others. I do know that my northface pants that i have been using for several seasons now are very warm and 100% water proof. They have a lot of nice features and still have the velcro all the way downt he side which makes them warmer than other pants that expose the zipper or only have small spots with velcro. They are easy to deal with at races too. My actual favorite ski clothing is Karbon. The materials that the coats and pants are made of seem to be much more durable and more water proof than anything else out there. I have a Karbon coat and Karbon training shorts. They are also not as expensive as brands like Spyder, which is another reason i like to use them, despite their durability.
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Arcteryx. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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If you have the money, Arc'teryx, if not Marmot is a great second.
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There is a lot of good stuff out there. The buyer should consider what conditions the clothing will likely be subjected to and how long they expect to keep it. Then look at the water repellency/breathability and durability of the fabric used, whether the garment has fully or partially taped seams, seamless shoulders, underarm zips, the number of pockets, zipper size and durability of zippers and so forth. Buy what you need and pay for what you need and no more or any less. There is a fair amount of information on this subject on the web.

I've had very good experience with a North Face parka that finally more or less has been "retired" after 10 years of use on and off the slopes. I sent it to their warranty department twice for minor repairs during its later years. They were done promptly and without charge. For that reason when shopping for a mid-layer last season I bought North Face. However, I just didn’t get excited about the appearance of their shells the last several seasons.

For very rugged top quality stuff it's hard to beat Haglofs (umlaut over the "o"). [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] The problem is that it's not sold in the USA. It is being market tested now in Canada, I think. It's available in the UK, continental Europe and Japan.

SOS (Sportswear of Sweden) makes very good technical ski wear although it is no longer sold in the USA. They focus on skiwear as opposed to mountaineering gear. For high-end quality on the slopes gear you need to consider Obermayer as well. However, a lot of folks swear by Helly-Hansen and Columbia for wear on the slopes and elsewhere and they cost less than the others mentioned here. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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SoS is good. I have Fusalp (French), but I'll be bringing my Tenson gear (again, swedish) to Utah. TOMORROW!!!!

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Originally posted by JimL:
yes I would have to agree with jim, Does anyone know how I can get sponsored by them?
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what is "high end"?

do you mean "expensive"?

or do you mean "highest quality and best customer service"?

my experience with Patagucci is that they have the best warranties and best customer service in the business. of course, you can argue that Chouinard prices things so high that he can afford to give away a new piece of clothing to every dissatisfied customer.

My Marmot Alpinist Lightweight jacket (2-layer GoreTex in low-wear areas, 3-layer in high-wear areas) is 12 years old this season, and still works like it did when it was new. It is both my all-purpose winter shell, and my skiing shell. I paid $250 for it in 1991. I'd say I have received my money's worth and then some. Same for every other Marmot item I own.

North Face = overrated
Mountain Hardwear = overrated

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I second/third the carrharts, particularly the one piece.
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My Oakley Unobtanium jacket & pants are the best gear that I have ever used. I was fortunate to find them at the end of last season at half price. Full price on these is pretty hard to swallow.

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Moonstone Mountaineering
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I'm partial to H-H (simple, gets the job done) and Marker (just _is_ skiing). Dont know or care wether its "high-end"...
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2.Mt. Hardware
3.North Face
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1. Patagonia (storm shells, heavy fleece insulation)
2. Marmot (light-weight shell, light-weight insulation)
3. North Face (med-weight insulation)

I have also been very happy w/ my Nordica ski pants for the past 6 years. Still haven't found the perfect ski gloves for me.

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I just have some Obermeyer ALT3 shell and pants. I maybe getting some new close. I am not sure now. Thanks for all the input, please keep it comming.
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1. Arc'teryx
2. Mountain Hardwear
3. Mammut
4. Cloudveil makes some nice stuff too but I don't have any firsthand experience.

The features I look for lately are waterproof/sealed zippers (without flaps and velcro - I hate that stuff) and quality taped seams. There's a lot of softshell stuff that's come out recently that's very nice too (stretches, breathes, and doesn't make noise like hardshells do).
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I have this Columbia Titainium jacket which was on the cheap ($180) and has every feature I can think of. Granted some other stuff looks cooler (Spyder, Acterex, etc.), but this has everything you need:
+ Waterproof and breathable
+ Seam sealed
+ Powder skirt
+ Two waste draw stings
+ Detachable hood with draw strings, that ALSO folds into the jacket collar (most are either one or the other). Also the way the hood ataches to the jacket in front is genius.
+ 4 vents. 2 on each side. It has the normal armpit vent plus one on each side of the chest. They are designed so that air comes in one and goes out the other. It works much better than one vent.
+ Lots of pockets.
+ Light and folds up well (just a shell).

Anyway, the only jackets I have seen that have more features seem to cost $400+. There are however many that look cooler. Not that it looks bad or anything. It is the honda civic of Mountain wear.

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Eastern Mountain Sports makes some great stuff at really good prices and I think they have a lifetime warenty(having never had a problem with any of their gear I'm not sure what the deal is)
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Anything with a NFL logo on it.
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Gonzostrike, you're breakin' my heart (of course, you already did that by not showing up at The Gathering).

Arc'teryx overrated?

I don't agree. I love their jackets/pants for backcountry skiing. Practically everyone else out there builds their outerwear with multiple layers which make the stuff too hot to skin uphill in (for me anyway). Arc's designs are simple and highly functional. As Altagirl said, no snaps or velcro or overlapping geegaws. The zipper seams don't leak and are easy to open and close. I've got a pair of the Theta pants that are in their fourth winter of BC skiing and there's absolutely nothing wrong with them (other than the tear near the ankle from a hidden rock that a "friend" vectored me into).

Granted, the stuff is expensive, but I live in Salt Lake City and buy all my gear as leftovers in the summer when it's at 50% off.

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I'll vote for Avalanche gear. They sponsor the CSIA and CSCF. They'll custom build team suits with special pockets / clips / etc for coaches uniforms. And they're light and warm.

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The Cloudveil line, already mentioned in this thread, is very nice. My only experience, however, is with their soft shell jackets, which I use for Spring and Summer skiing. They've recently introduced some new hard shell gear, with the flagship model (Koven[?]) rivaling Arc'teryx in price.

Nobody builds their gear better than Arc'teryx, but many come close or even equal it.

Of the companies mentioned, I'm impressed by Marmot the most because of the quality and also because they seem to be the most inovative. Marmot has come out with some really neat stuff over the years that other companies copy because it's so good (e.g., the dryclime shirt/jacket) MH is a "copycat" brand, although they make good quality stuff.

My favorite jacket is made by Chlorophyll, a small company in Quebec I won't bother endorsing here because it's no longer available in the U.S. But, OH!, how I love the fit! If you're in Canada, though, keep an eye out for it.
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