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Least crowded UT SKI resorts late FEB...(UT49?)

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Any UTAH regulars have advice? I will have 3 days to ski (Fri 02/23 - Sun 02/25) in the SLC area during upcoming work travel.

I know this should be a really crowded weekend.
Any advice on how to manage this best? What to avoid and when?

I am thinking that Solitude may be the best choice for Sat, but really like Sbird,Alta, even PC.

Demo shop recommendations would be greatly appreaciated as well.

You guys rock!!
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Thanks for the info Sibe!! Much help indeed.
We'll put Alta down for Friday only.
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Hey Rockin,
your best bet would be Deer Valley over that weekend.
They are the only resort in Utah to limit how many passes they sell each day. The cut off limit is at 5,000, each day.
So while other Utah resorts are dealing with 20 min. lift lines, and 8,000 - 9,000 + people, DV is cruising along peacefully. Drop me a line at ftramey@qwest.net and i'll be happy to answer any questons you might have.
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spend a little more time driving and your day skiing untracked and riding alone on new high speed gondolas!

Free your heels, poke your eyes out!
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Hey Sibe

Can you post a contact number or web site for Evolution shop. I was planning on getting demos from Canyon Sports, but would like to check this one out as an option.

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I will back up what Sibe said about skiing Alta on Friday only.Go to Solitude on Saturday.or venture up to Snowbasin.It's about an hour drive from Salt Lake City.For Sunday head over to Deer Valley.like TR said they limit lift tickets there and if you venture off the main areas you won't have a lift line to deal with.Skied Deer Valley this past Sunday. Empire bowl was fantastic so was Daly bowl the chuts above the bowl need more snow.Still found some powder in the trees and this is a week after our last storm.

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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Yes, coming to SLC 3rd week of Feb for a week with my wife, 22 yr old daughter, & 2 other couples. Going to do a week mostly in LCC/BCC, maybe a day to drive up to Snow Basin & perhaps another to check out Sundance (never been to either). Is Sundance worth a day?

Then my friend and I are going to take a second week and go up to Jackson Hole & Grand Targhee. CANNOT WAIT!!

Thanks for the info. I'll give Evolution a call.

Allan - Atlanta
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Have a great time in JMHR/GT. I've never been to either. We'll definitely spend the majority of our time @ Alta/Brighton/Solitude /Snowbird(?), but since it's a pretty good snow year I thought we'd give Sundance a try. Same for Snowbasin, if we can find time.

Again, hope you have great powder & a great time in Wy. I'll look for your post!

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Allan & Rockin' Pete,

I'll be in SLC next week [see my other post re: Powder Mountain] and we are renting from Canyon Sports in Sandy. If we were in Park City, we probably would have rented from Jans. If you like, I'll post our evaluation of Canyon Sports when we get back.

BTW, I posted a similar question regarding rentals on a newsgroup a couple of months ago and got several helpful responses. My original post can be found at dejanews, here.

Raubin<FONT size="1">

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sundance is a good spot but there is no contest in deciding between there & snowbasin.

the basin is GREAT!
& huge now!
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