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Winter Park SKi Train

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Does anyone know how the winterpark ski train works? How much does it cost in the winter? Is there a season pass for the bus? Anyone use the bus? The skibus site isn't working well so I thought I would post the questions. Thanks! Jake Oh yeah, does the bus fill out in advance sometimes so you can't use it?
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I'm sure astrochimp could give you better answers than I can, cause I've never used the train, but basically it gives you a direct run from Denver to WP, and you get off right at the base. They do have deals running through the season, as far as I know, for train + lift pass.

A good deal, and less environmentally destructive than taking the car.

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I don't know much. But I did take it once years ago. It left the station at 7, with a dixie land jazz band going full tilt and the beer flowing freely. I have no idea the cost or how to buy tickets as my uncle had popped for it all. The route was pretty dern cool..it winds up toward Boulder where it leaves the high plains behind and snakes through all these tunnels and travels along Boulder Creek and into the valley by Rollinsville, then into the tunnel that goes under the Divide and there you are at Winter Park.

Sometime near lift closing time the train whistle blows, they load you up and head back down to Denver.

Not sure what bus you mean.

A tidbit: I lived for a few years west of Rollinsville, just across the river from the tracks. One day the ski train came by, all gussied up with red white and blue bunting. The First Lady Hillary Clinton was aboard. My roomate, The Polish, at my request, ran out and dropped his drawers and mooned the dignitaries.

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We''ve ridden the train twice and had a good time.
Much more relaxing than putting up with the drive.
Go for a club car and enjoy the breakfast and dinner. They also have a diner car with snaks and such. When you call for tickets, they can also sell you your daily lift ticket at a discount.

Here's a link to the train's web page: http://www.skitrain.com/
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I've never taken the bus to WP, but a friend of mine and his wife did. They were in Denver on business and didn't want to rent a car. I think the bus even dropped them off at the airport on the way back.
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