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Iron Blosam Lodge, Snowbird

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Has anyone ever stayed here? I have an opportunity to book a stay late season and I'm gathering intel. Any thoughts on conditions for the first week of April would also be helpful.
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April is usually excellent skiing - plus crowds are diminishing at that point, so it's a nice combination. Don't know about the lodging though, but it looks nice from the outside
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I've stayed there a few times, and it's fine. It's the furthest from the Snowbird center of the 3 condo lodges but still an easy walk. Also, the resort shuttle stops there.
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Cool, that's what I wanna hear! Everyone I speak to who's skied all over says I gotta do Alta/Bird. Didn't think I'd get there this year, but now I probably will!
Any other opinions?
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I've stayed in all the lodges at the Bird at one time or another.
The Ironblossom and the Lodge are OK, but the Cliff is a bit nicer and has more action, relatively speaking, because the Bird is pretty dead at night.
Early April is a great time!
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Just wanted to put this back out there, maybe some of the newcomers have .02 to put in.
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