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Need info on Copper

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My wife and I will be arriving in a week or so for 5 weeks. Never been here before. Only US ski field we have been to was Purgatory.Could you give us some info on Copper. What are the conditions like at the moment? How much of the mountain is skiable? Any tips on the mountain? How to avoid long lift lines? Best places to ski morning, afternoon. My wife and I have a season pass and will be there for 5 weeks.


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I have had a dual pass at Copper and Winter Park the past few years, though I did not get a Copper pass this year and I miss it. I do not miss the I-70 drive from Boulder though, which will not be an issue for you.

There is a storm front now in CO that is dropping lots of snow and more is supposed to begin faling on Sunday. I would guess from skiing the past month about 10 times at WP that the conditions at Copper will be good. So far the snow has been awesome at WP for this early in the year.

There is a lot of terrain at Copper and it is well divided between green, blue and blacks. Skiers tend to be segregated by ability which is good. Long green runs from top to bottom are good for warmups. But the crowds will be at the two base lifts. I tended to leave the base and hang out in the bowls on the Sierra Lift and also the Mtn Chief on the back side. No lines, great views, good snow. The snow changes from front to back quite a bit...the snow on the back side tends to get a lot of sun so it will set up quickly but still be good. The front side (Kaboom is one run I can think of) tends to stay fluffier.

The old A lift serves some bumps but that area gets a lot of shade early in the day so it can get icy and the light can be flat. There is also the area served by the Super B and the Excelerator lifts for laps. Resolution lift is in a flat valley up high between some bowls on either side and the views can be great up there. A good place to ski with a bit of a sense of adventure if you are not up to heading to the steeper stuff up higher. Plus there is the poma lift heading up to the tip top and Resolution Bowl and also the Timberline Express area for more laid back blue cruising. Lines can develop here though.

Check their website for maps to make sense of the names I have tossed out at you. 5 weeks? Lots of other areas to check out close by too. Havea great time shane!

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Thanks astrochimp. Bought a season pass at Copper so will ski there. Friends bought us a 5 day pass for Breckenridge/Keystone so will go there as well. Since our NZ$ is half the value of yours, a day at Vail would cost us 250 NZ$.Copper looks great. Can't wait.
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I love Copper!

i have nothing else to contribute [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Copper is a great mountain. My favorite place is Copper Bowl -Tucker mountain. There are two lifts back there and you can also ride the snow cat up to the more extreme terrain on Tucker Mountain. I found powder stashes even during last years drought. However, I just checked the snow report and this area is not open yet.

The front of the mountain is great too. The groomers are epic for top to bottom cruising and carving. There are some amazing trees to the west of Timberline Express. They are perfectly spaced. Copper also has an excellent website. Check it out:
Copper Mountain Website
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