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Ski today?

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Anyone ski today? Where did you ski? :
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Not today, but tomorrow I will be. I'm driving up w/ our gear to our season rental. Southern Vermont. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I'm knocking on wood as I type this because we've been fooled a few times so far this year. But...7 Springs made mention on their snow report of opening later this week. Keep your fingers crossed! They had the guns on over the entire front face yesterday along with a few inches of natural accumulation. The coming nights are forecast to be cold enough to continue making snow, it's the week of 50+ temps starting next Saturday that scare me.
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too warm today here
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yep, Tremblant (on Sunday)

We had a fair amount of new snow, I'm guessing about 8 inches or so. 5 upper mountain runs (tremblant calls it 12, but I've discounted the catracks and upper/lower distinctions they're fond of)
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Solitude, pretty crunchy today.

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I've skied almost every day for the past three weeks at either Eldora or Loveland.

Last Sunday the temps were around zero with a 40 mph breeze so I watched football.
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I skied Sunday with my son at Bogus Basin. It rained a bit on Saturday and continued on Sunday. They closed the resort at the end of the day to preserve the snow that remained.

The conditions were marginal but it was great making the first turns of the season. It was Bogus's earliest opening in years so I am treating it as a bonus.

Here's hoping that it turns colder and there is some more white, fluffy precipitation on its way soon.
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