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where to go?

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A couple of my friends and I are trying to plan a trip out west for a senior trip. We are bombarded with information. and need some help. We are looking to go at the end of February begining of March. We were thinking about staying for 5 nights with 4 days of skiing. We know Utah is out of the question. We are also straped for money. Does anybody know a great resort with good lodging ang lift ticket prices. Or does anyone know of a good travel agency I could get in touch with?

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Bandit -

When you say 'senior trip' are you talking high school or college? The difference being you will probably want to go somewhere with a nightlife if it's college but won't care as much if it's high school.
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Your request sounds like you want options in your trip, with plenty of good skiing, at a real good price. Might I suggest a ski trip to the Banff area. There are plenty of good hotels in Banff and the package gives you a lift ticket good at Sunshine Village, Lake Louise, and Mount Norquay. The atmosphere is unique in Banff, and it does still feel very much like an alpine getaway(with all the modern conveniences). If you want to go on the cheap side, try the YWCA or the Hostel. I don't think you can find anything that will compete on a price vs. return basis, and I know you will fall in love with what many people call the prettiest place on the continent. The package prices include bus transport to the ski areas, but I have found this to be very inconvenient for sightseeing after the lifts close. P.S. - If you aren't crazy about this idea, post a reply, as there are many other options. I skiied 34 ski areas last year on a shoestring budget. Good Luck!!
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feallen, Do you know the name, number, or travel agency I could get in touch with? I was considering Baniff as one of my possible choices.
Thanks, Bandit

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Why is Utah out? You'll be going after Olympics and SLC is one of the better/easier airports to get from airport to the snow. Should give it a look, sounds very good for a inexpensive trip following the olympics, thats when I'm looking as well. Good luck!
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Glad to see you are considering the Banff area. Try the web site www.skibanfflakelouise.com. They book for most of the major hotels in Banff and Lake Louise. Also take a look at www.kickinghorseresort.com. ... Hope you have a great season!!!
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