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CO Bears get-together?

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So, can we can hook up as a group some time this season? Would a mid-week day be possible (easier for instructors to get off work) or are we restricted to the weekend?
Summit County/Copper/Vail?
What do you think?
Love to meet you guys!
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I will try to make it anytime or anyplace. If it is during the week Fridays are best. You know sales people never work on Fridays.

Lots of people in Colorado that I would love to meet up with. Disclaimer: I probably cannnot keep up. I ski worse than 97% of the population.
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I know that I & a few other Utahns are headed out CO way in mid December for the opening of Aspen Highlands.....
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Let's do it. Mrs. Skicrazy & I both have Fridays off for ski season. Mid-week can certainly be arranged.
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I wouldn't mind makin a few runs with everyone. School is pretty flexible, meaning I can pretty much go any time.
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Great! Let's keep a get-together in mind and finalize something when the season starts. Looking forward to meeting you all. It won't be long now!
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Count me in!! Monday/Thursday are best for me but could swing by on Friday later in the day on my way back from Aspen.
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I'm so in.

If this threads gets some traction, move it over to either "General" or "Instruction". That's where everyone seems to hang out.
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I am free to ski on the weekends. Winter Park works the best for me since I am not a fan of Slummit County. Let me know if you are heading up to the park and I would like to meet up with any of you.
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Private message or e-mail me on the date and mountain you guys settle on, I'll try to make it out there for the mini gathering.
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This thread is starting to pick up some steam - I can feel it.

I'm thinking end of December, 1st week in January? Vail, Copper or Aspen. After all, we are the Colorado Bears!
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We type together, we ski together.
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SCSA Ok Thanks.

BONG, HULA, PINHED. come on where you guys hiding at?
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Count me in.
Right now I'm wicked busy getting things ready for you guys coming to Copper.
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I would be game. I think I will be skiing at Copper most of the time this year until A-Basin opens up and gets a decent base. I will have a Colorado pass in addition to Copper and will be game to meet at almost any resort. I will be skiing one day during the week most of the season (plus weekends) but I have volunteered at Copper as an Ambassador this year and will be doing that mostly during the week. Look for me my intials are LG and I know I will have to wear a name tag (I'm 6'3" and wear a Borie Shorty; hard to miss).
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Hi folks, I'm in, was laid off and am hoping to spend a lot more time on skis this year. I'm in the process of changing my residence and haven't been keeping up with the board a lot lately. Maybe I can avoid serious employment for the rest of my life? [img]tongue.gif[/img]

Keep us informed about the time and date and I'll do my best to be there.


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