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Wow, you skied Innsbruck! It was only 17 minutes from our house. I still go there when I visit my parents back home. My Dad and I have some many fond memories of Innsbruck (and I still have an Innsbruck ski hat), although we mourn the sad day we showed up to ski but the electric company had cut the wires. (Several times a year I have a dream in which Innsbruck reopens, and I feel such a loss when I awaken to realize it's only a dream.)

My Dad remembers Intermount, although I think it closed before I started skiing.

Be sure to check out www.nelsap.org , which is now expanding into NYS and soliciting contributions.
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I went to the nelsap site-they only have one NY area up for now. I thought it was cool that they had a link to terraserver and a satellite aerial of the area. I tried looking around on terraserver to see if I could find any of the areas I had skied as a kid that are now closed-but I couldn't remember exactly where they were. I spoke with my dad over the weekend and got a general idea of some locations so I'm going to try again. Intermont was used as a site for festival-type concerts for a while. I thought it was real neat when I skied there that the lodge was at the top of the hill.
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Hawksnest, NC in 1990

(Actually, I snowboarded there. The only day I've boarded in my life. The equipment wasn't quite as specialized for most people back then-- I strapped my rental board to my L.L. Bean duck boots! Maybe that's why it was only a one-time deal.)
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My favorite I've read so far: Mt. Etna, Sicily. Been by it on the train, it's still an active volcano.

I can add:
Mt. Tom, Woodstock, Vt (closed)
Big Birch, NY (closed?)
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Mt. Etna is a very active volcano, it is pretty wild seeing on snow that looks gray or even black in places from the ash being deposited on it. it was also awesome to sit grilling on your balcony watching the glow as it erupts at night.
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Caledon Ontario-kinda the Vail of Toronto, with a whopping vertical of three hundred feet, or, so the Canucks think.
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Ok...when my dad was stationed in Nicosia Cyprus (canadian armed forces w/nato)we skied at a hill with a little rope tow, rentals etc. in what I think were olive trees, outside Limasol(??). Anyway, the Brits had started it way back. Of the four continents I have so far skied that's it!
Nice to see the posting about New Englands lost Ski Areas...a wonderful site...I spent a week in there one day...fascinating!
By the way....there was an obscure prize or something wasn't there?<FONT size="1">

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Want another active volcano...try Villarica- Pucon in Chile...from the top of the lift you hike to the cone.
And Rusty...what ever made you assume us Canucks think? Go Nordiques!<FONT size="1">

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As organizer of this topic, I guess I should have indicated earlier that there was indeed a prize for the most obscure area. The prize is a coveted EpicSki sticker (shipping and handling not included). I'll be selecting a winner next week and will award the prize soon after.

LEGAL NOTICE: EpicSki stickers are free of charge anyway. No purchase necessary. See store for details. Not recommended for children under the age of 3. Please drink responsibly. Area not patrolled beyond this point. Cliffs, use caution.
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Most obscure?
Ohau Snow Fields on the south island in New Zealand. Incredible views and pretty good terrain. 1000' vertical drop serviced by one diesel powered T-bar. I caught it on a boot top-deep powder day and was one of maybe 30 people skiing there. The Lake Ohau Lodge down on the lake was really nice, too.

I've also skied at a bunch of obscure and mostly defunct New England ski hills.<FONT size="1">

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Bluemont, NY near Holland in Western NY. Now closed. It had a chairlift where you rode "side saddle", instead of facing up the hill. Loading and unloading was a little strange.

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Went to a tiny little resort near Albertville France, called Areche de Beaufort. 2 mountains, one totally red runs (single diamonds). On a Saturday it was empty. Amazing drag lifts, on starting you flew through the air for about 10 to 20 feet!

The other tiny place we have been to is Vent near Obergurgl, Austria. It has 3 lifts and 15km of runs. Good place for touring however. Not far from Solden which has nightlife totally OTT.
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Mt. Como (Como Park Golf Course, St. Paul, MN). Now a golf course with no ski hill.
Snowcrest (Somerset, WI) Being farmed, last time I saw it.
I'm having skiing dreams again........
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Anybody else skied the sand south of Ocean Beach in San Francisco? Good place to get a couple of turns in while waiting for snow to fall in sept & october.
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Here's the list of where I've skied. Organized by States. More obscure ones marked with *.

*Sylvan Knob
*Timber Ridge
Crystal Mtn, MI
*Big M
Nubs Nob
Schuss Mtn
Shanty Creek
Boyne Highlands
Boyne Mountain
*Thunder Mtn.
Alpine Valley, MI
Mt Brighton
Sugarloaf, MI
Marquette Mtn (formerly Cliff’s ridge)
Mt. Ripley
Ski Brule
Pine Mtn
*Mt Bohemia

Blue Mountain, Ontario
Whistler/ Blackcomb, BC

Spirit Mountain
Buck Hill
Hyland hills
Afton Alps
Welch Village
Wild Mountain
*Theodore Wirth Park

Mt. LaCrosse
Rib Mountain

Winter Park
Berthoud Pass
Crested Butte

Lost Trail
Montana snow Bowl
Bridger Bowl
Red Lodge
Beartooth Highway (opposite side of highway from summer ski camp)
Red Lodge Summer ski camp (different location than Red Lodge ski area)
Discovery Basin
*Bear Canyon
*Bear Canyon Nordic (40m?) ski jump (side canyon west of ski area)
*Marshall Mountain
Big Sky
Big Mountain

Mt Hood Meadows

Silver Mountain
Sun Valley

Crystal Mtn, WA
Snowqualmie Pass
Ski Acres
Mission Ridge
Stevens Pass
Mt Baker

Ski areas that I did Mountain bike races at but didn’t ski
Telemark, WI
*Mt Hardscrabble, WI
*Maverick Mountain, MT
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Sand skiing? Off the gunbarrel...north of Alamosa...Whoaa Haa, Crestone baby!

Oh yeah...you guys aren't getting obscure enough! Hell, I can list 4 continents worth of trail maps! How about, Puenta Arenas Chile...ski to the ocean, under the hole in the ozone...or where I made my first turns (age 2ish, 41 yrs ago), when Dad was stationed in Shilo Manitoba at Mt. Agassiz (we called it agony)!<FONT size="1">

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How about Kratka Ridge Ca. ?
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How about Kratka Ridge Ca. ?
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Nord the B

Did you get Mission Ridge on a good day?
It's definitely a little area that rocks...in more ways than one.

Kolsas Mtn.
Tryvanns Kleiva
Tom Murtsad Kleiva
Rod Kleiva
Holmenkollen (skied the landing)
Korketrekken ('56? Olympic bobsled run)
Cooper Spur, OR
Willamette Pass, OR

I found the keyboard lacking for this post..

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro...<FONT size="1">

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Northeast Ski Tows, East Corinth, VT
Roundtop, VT
Skyline, Barre, VT
Norwich Univ., Northfield, VT
Nashoba Valley, Littleton, MA
Mt Watatic, MA
Blanchard Hill, MA
Mauna Kea snowfields, Big Island, Hawaii

Not Obscure in Europe, but not too well-known here

Hintertux, Austria
Lermoos, Austria
St Johann in Tirol, Austria
Steinplatte, Austria
Reit im Winkel, Germany
Bischofsgruen, Germany
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You'll have to up the ante...skied Lermoos, Erwhald and Bieberwier.
Hesperus CO
Tammaron CO
Val Verde NM
Sipapu NM

Gotta go
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Skicrazy, Como has always been a golf course. It simply had a towrope as an ammenity. I went sledding there as a kid and it still had the towrope. I am not sure if it is still there, however, as of a few years ago they still had the rope going for tubers.

Most Obscure:

Trollhaugen, WI - there is no slope that SHOULD be rated beyond a blue.

Wild Mt., MN - While it may be my home area it is obscure for what we do... we "free-skate" (ski down in only boots) the ice-covered double black run...after a while there isn't anything left to entertain you<FONT size="1">

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How about Dogpatch USA in Arkansas back in the 70's. They called it snow, but I remember solid ice!!
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Well you took out the "backyard" category so I guess I can't include my 1 turn pile of snow in the parking lot of the shop I worked at in South Florida.
Besides that, I've skied almost everything in the Southeast including the before mentioned ober Gatlinburg, Cloudmount, Mill Ridge, NC (closed) and a never opened area between Beech and Sugar Mtn in NC. Fun area to hike when they actually have real snow. Also broke out the skis on several roads in Boone, NC back during the SuperStorm of 93 that hit the east coast.
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Obscure Places Skied

1. Goldmine - California (now known as Bear Mountain - was much smaller before the new ownership) - Star Sighting - sat near Cheech Marin during lunch on the patio.
2. Mt. Baldy - California - skied there one day after a rare 3 ft snowfall - Star Sighting - sat across from Anthony Edwards during lunch.
3. Mt. Waterman - California - rarely open - may be closed now. Very rustic, but great steep terrain.
4. Mt. Waterman - Massachusetts - slushy day, but fun.
5. Hillman's Highway - next to Tuckerman's Ravine New Hampshire - in June.
6. Nor Ski Runs - Decorah Iowa - my hometown ski area in my youth - now closed.
7. Kissing Bridge - New York
8. Lech/Zuers - Austria - near St. Anton
9. Soelden - Austria - glacier skiing.
10. Alpine Valley - Michigan - a landfill, I believe.
11. Mt. LaCrosse - Wisconsin - nice area in the Mississippi River Valley.
12. Loveland Basin - closest to Denver, I believe - doesn't have the same cachet as the larger areas - but I had a nice ski day.
13. Welch Village Minnesota.
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Holy thread ressurection Batman!

Hatchers Pass AK
Alpenglow AK
Mt. Airy PA
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Prospect Mountain - Vt. (closed)
Hilldeen - Vt. (x-c)
Brodie - MA (closed)
Country Hills - NY (x-c, closed)
Van Cortlandt Park - The Bronx, NY (closed)
Dry Hill - NY
Song Mountain - NY
Toggenburg - NY
Tug Hill Plateau- NY (x-c)
Belle Mountain - NJ - instructed - (closed)
Spring Mountain - PA
Bill Jackson's - Tampa, FL (indoor)
Dry Hills - Baltimore, MD (indoor)

We don't grow too old to play, we grow old because we stop playing - Herman "Jackrabbit" Johanson
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How about Arrowhead Lake Phil?

Arrowhead Lakes is right down the road from Locust Lakes, and the used to have a ski hill right there in the community. Wasn't there a slope or two at Split Rock lodge as well?

Add in Belle Mtn NJ.
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Stoner, Colorado.
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Jug End, MA (closed) --first time skiing, 10 or so? discovered what a rope tow can do to knit gloves.

Mission Ridge, Saskatchewan. -- A river valley, not a hill--you drive down into it (about 300' vert) and park at the bottom and take the lift up. When you get to the top you look out across the flat prairie, which is very strange.
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