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Fernie--shuttle or rental car?

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Likely we'll wind up with a couple mini-vans (group of 12), but as a cost chopping feature, we always take a look at the savings if we do one of those shuttle-from-the-airport deals, then rely on a local free shuttle for our grocery shopping, ski rental hoppings, all that. The latter part always turns into the biggest hassle. I've turned into a permanent demoer--I ski two weeks out of the year so rather than upgrade my old K2 Fours, each year I'm just trying all the current stuff. ANYWAY, can I rely on a free, _convenient_ shuttle at Fernie for these types of things? Or, would you say one's own transportation is a must-have?
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When I was there last Feb, the shuttle to the hill from downtown was $3 or 4, and I think that was one way. I wasn't aware of any free options. If you're going to be 12 people, that adds up quickly. I'm not sure how late (dinner, demo pickups) it ran. I think I'd recommend your own transport. Someplace like Vail/Whistler you'd be OK with no car. At Fernie though, I think you'll want to spend some time up on the hill at night (there are a few good places), and some nights down in town. The great room in the Lizard Creek lodge is a cool place to have dinner/appetizers after skiing - nice fireplace.
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Check here independant Fernie web page I haven't been through the whole thing but shuttle info and stuff should be there. I'm sure there is airport transfer but I don't know how good the service is. The site also has a link to the official page which should round out the info. Compare prices but I agree if you're staying in town the convenience of transport is worthwhile. The hill lacks some things will make you want to go into town for as well so staying up there doesn't solve it. You could rent one van for the convenience and the rest take airport shuttle to save some coin.
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Wow, no free shuttle, eh? That's definitely a clincher for the rental! We'll be staying on the mountain, btw. I was leaning that way, anyway--last year at Steamboat I was schlepping into town via shuttle every day to swap demo skis (I was trying different stuff each day) and it was a major hassle time-wise. Best argument for actually just paying for a new pair (or a pair of demos). Thanks for the link, and actually, notion of one vehicle and transportation for the rest might not be a bad one, either (except for the night or nights we all want to go out to dinner or something).

We're looking at some properties that are represented as ski in/out off the Elk quad. Does that sound plausible--are there ski in/ski out homes in that area?

I rented a house at Big Sky a few years back that was "ski in/ski out," but you had to stretch the definition once you got there. I _guess_ it was ski out--you blazed your own trail down a embankment through some woods to get to an access trail for the out portion, but I'm not quite clear how you'd ever make it for the "in" part. On the other hand, that place was one of the neatest houses I've ever stayed at. It was on the backside of the mountain, so where I started my day, it took other skiers about an hour to reach from the base area.
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Hmm. Could it be that the link to the independent site has been taken down? I'm not having any luck pulling it up.
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It worked for me. Here is the address just in case the link doesn't work for you.

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Yeah I was there last Feb too, and as stated the bus is a couple of bucks or so. We stayed on the hill thus we had little need to go into town. There are some nice places to eat and have a drink on the hill i suggest you try out, Kelseys was quite good.
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Great--that linked worked.
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