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Alpine $ for 02/03 season

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I have 6 passes in my Alpine 10pak left and won't be able to use them next season as I'll be back in Oz. They are fully transferable next season and are worth thier face value($39 a ticket) for lift tickets, lessons etc.

$160 OBO...face value is $234.
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Great offer, and I considered it until I read: "I ... won't be able to use them next season as I'll be back in Oz"

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yeh sorry Fox, just the tickets for sale.

Theres no point in me keeping these so go on make me an offer !!
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...I was thinking of making you an 'offer', but this isn't that sort of forum.

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I think they may only be used to buy another 10 pack, and are not transferable from the original purchaser.


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You should probably call the alpine office soon and get a letter from them. I suspect that if you tell them you are from OZ and would love to use them but can't because your work is taking you back home, they might be willing to waive that restriction.
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I've been in contact with Alpine already to determine what my options are. I certainly don't want to sell this to anyone and find they can't use it. I will reconfirm with them that I can pass it on to another user but from the email I have copied below it appears possible.

Dear Jane:

The 10PAK is only good for one ticket, per day, only for the user within the
current season. The following season, 10PAK's are worth their cash value.
They can be used towards the purchase of lift ticket, lesson, or rental for

Best Wishes,
Bob Starks
Group Sales Coordinator
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Hi Jane,

Sounds like you have done your homework however,

You should check to see if they think you will be there to redeem. Sometimes they say it's ok to use as cash but are thinking you are going to be the one to redeem. say, "buy a ticket for your buddy" or pay for someone elses lesson, etc.. I would double check or get it in writing from the group sales guy. not just an email..

I would purchase them from you but as an employee of Sugarbowl I get to ski for free at Alpine. For some reason I have not had time to get over there this season..

check your PM
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I'm double checking with them that someone can use it in my absence, and I will provide this confirmation in writing with the 10pak to avoid any confusion next season.

Thanks for the PM DChan [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Ok they have confirmed anyone can use it, its worth cash.

so who wants it ?
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I feel your pain. I still have four passes left on my ten to Mt Hood Meadows. I can't believe I haven't used them all but at least we have good spring conditions so there is still hope! I would love to pick up yours but I'm not convinced I would drive to tahoe for four days at Alpine. It is tempting though! let me see....
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