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Well, I'm usually 175 pounds, currently 160 after a bad bout with an ulcer, so I figured it was time to replace or at least get a friend for my 193 xxx's. I love them to death, but jeez, they kill me by the end of the day. And tight trees... no way. I use them for jumping cliffs, they supply an excellent platform but after that they're WAY to much ski. Though it is fun to lean them way back and ride the pow with 3 feet of ski in the air. But those days are over. I made the switch. Salomon pocket rockets in the 175. I'm so excited! I tried them one day and fell in love. If anyone has the access, they just put some more on the site. They're there if you go check. Well, now its just waiting for the mail to come. Ok, just had to share my joy.