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looking for something like snowmass

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really enjoyed snowmass....our whole group that ranges from beginner blues to advanced blues enjoyed skiing the elk camp area and naked lady run....

any other resorts that have a lot of blues like those mentioned...thanks
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Glad to hear that you enjoyed Snowmass so much!

It is a really great place that doesn't get near the bravado it deserves.(Is that possibly the reason it is as good as it is???)

In the world of great cruiser mountains in North America; there are few that have what Snowmass has served up on the skiing platter, and maybe none that have such a complete package to offer the destination skier.

There is one however, that dishes up that 'cruise forever' feel in a more majestic setting and still maintains that 'wilderness' feeling. I am talking about Sunshine Village Alberta. It doesn't have the development on the mountain that Snowmass has, but it has something far more important when comparing great ski areas; National Park controls that will virtually guarantee the experience you get there will stay the same. I think it ranks just above Snowmass on the list of 'great cruiser experiences' in North America. I will be very surprised if anyone can come up with a resort that serves up a better on hill ski experience for the terminally intermediate! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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well, the 610 loop overramp at 59 in houston is a great cruiser when it snows.
(ok self, put the beer down).
actually, people give heavenly a bad rap for the crowds; but it hqas a lot of nice blue cruisers with views of the lake on the way down.
whistler also has some blue, extended-length cruisers, they are nice, but are so long you may burn your legs up on 1 trail. there is 1 that is 2100 feet.
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Hi Doc,

I would like to pass on some information I got from SunPeaksVic here on this forum. I first met him at the snowshow in November and he indicated that Sun Peaks was definitely in the running for the 'great cruiser mountain' award. I have since checked it out quite a bit and think he is probably right on target. It appears to have the skiing and base infrastructure Snowmass has, with out the terrific views of Maroon Belles from the top of the Elk Camp lift. I really want to go, but haven't been yet, so I am passing on heresay. ..I think a person in need of excellent base accomodations might be well served looking into this as an alternative 'cruiser' mountain.

Happy Skiing!! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I grew up skiing at Snowmass and have since been to about 25 other western resorts.

The Elk Camp area and Naked Lady are not particularly difficult relative to blues at other areas. Therefore, your group (at least those at lower end of the skill spectrum) would probably find the blues at a place like Snowbird a little too challenging.

I would say Steamboat might be a good area for you to check out. The part of the mountain the locals refer to as "Wally World" is a pleasant large area for cruising similar in difficulty to Elk Camp. It also has a lot of on-mountain lodging like Snowmass.

Another one that's more off the beaten path is Big Mountain, Montana. It's not nearly as built up as Snowmass or Steamboat, but it would be a very nice area for intermediate skiers.

In Utah, Deer Valley (expensive but renowned for their groomed slopes), Park City, and Solitude (smaller but less crowded) would also be possibilites.

I haven't been to Heavenly or Sun Peaks, but I would agree (at least based on the trail map and reputation) with the earlier responses that these might be worth a look.

-- Wags

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I've never been to Snowmass, so I don't know how it compares to trails there, but I have just returned from Steamboat and I have to agree that it is a great area for intermediates. There are a lot of easy blue cruising runs off the Sunshine lift (the slow lift servicing Wally World) but also nice blue cruisers off of just about every express quad in other areas. I was able to venture into glades for the first time there and also a lot of nice bump runs with easy pitches if anyone wants to extend yourself a bit. I took a lesson one day and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had in a group lesson -- the instructor was a great guy named Joe Vacarro. As you can tell, I had a great week. Not horribly expensive and a very laid back atmosphere (in contrast to how I picture Aspen/Snowmass), as well as uncrowded and great for families.

Just my two cents...
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I have not been to Snowmass either, but I would say that Copper Mountain is also a great mountain for blue cruising. The West (right) side of the mountain has many lower intermediate runs with gemtle slopes, while the East (left) side of the mountain has steeper blues that offer more terrain challenges. The runs are LONG and many offer top of the mountain to bottom experience. With the recent addition of a base village and close proximity to Denver and other towns like Silverthorne and Breckenridge and Vail, I would highly reccomend Copper for both on and off hill activities.
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