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Whats the best deal!

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Question from Oz.

I need to purchase:

2 x adult Denver Intl to LAX return
1 x child LAX to Denver Intl return

I have heard on the grapevine about a "voucher" purchase ticket and I wondered if anyone could offer advice on this. My preference is for direct flights. Dates are approx Jan 15 & Jan 31st.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Have'nt heard of the vouchers, but I occaisionally get some good deals on http://www.cheaptickets.com

I know Frontier has some inexpensive flights, but I had an AWFUL experience with them in San Francisco. Of course, that can happen with any airline.
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Priceline.com is good too, if you are sure you want exact flights on a date. I use them for hotel rooms when in the US.
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Try this site:


When you say vouchers are you talking about getting an advanced book of tickets? I used to do that for Alaska Airlines because I flew so much but in the end I found it really wasn't that great of a deal. You don't save much and you still have to go to the counter like you're buying a ticket.

Of course with today's climate you probably can't use those electronic kiosks anymore besides I'm sure you'll have plently to check so it might work out. I was only taking short trips with a carry on.

Sigh.......oh for the good old days of easy airline travel.

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I noticed United has just announced a deal
for Vail (I think.) If you fly with them
a child 12 or under flies free, gets free
lodging in Vail (with adults paying normal
price) and free lift tickets.
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