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'Must do' at Mad River and Sugarbush?

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Heading up to Mad River one day and Sugarbush another probably next weekend. What are some of the must do's. I like steep stuff (steeper the better), trees, bumps, and generally narrow tight spaces. (I'm not saying I'm great at all of that yet, but I like it and after a successful and very much confidence boosting Jackson trip I am ready to see how far I can go back on 'home' terrain)
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Here's a few that I can remember, listed in approximate order of difficulty for each resort. Don't forget to make your own trail in the woods.

Paradise - Frozen waterfall drop-in, trees, terrain features, etc.
Chute - Bumps, small cliffs, under lift.
Fall Line - Narrow, winding, steep trail through woods.
Partridge - Steep and narrow but short.
Catamount - Wide open bumps.

Rumble - Steep, bumpy, narrow and nasty.
Exterminator - Steep bumps but wide open.
FIS - Steep and bumpy.
Mother Earth - Moderately steep and bumpy.
Twist - Moderately steep and bumpy.
The woods next to Twist are great.
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How big is the drop in Paradise? Is there a 'right' or ideal way to do it.. or 'just go for it'.
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Mack , the drop in to Paradise is pretty small right now , about 5-6 feet due to the amount of snow they have been getting . The whole Mt. is skiable , just look around and jump in any where that looks good to you . Just to add to Jaws comendable list, at MRG you gotta do Catamont Bowl to Linx into Beaver, it is top to bottom bumps that will leave you gasping for air .Also Lower Antalope , it is not so steep but it is a clasic New England trail, very twisty and narrow .The area between Fall line and Paradise is also very good. At the Bush, let me repeat what Jaws said Rumble , Rumble , Rumble , that trail is a 6 ticket ride. Anything off Castlerock chair is good. Have fun!!!
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Well, I hope it's still good in one week at Mad River, since I can't get there until next weekend (24-25th)...

You say the drop is 'pretty small now' at 5-6 feet. How much is it normally?

I am very excited. I have only been there once and it was about 12 years ago.. when I was only a beginner and had no business being there. All I can remember is trying to survive. Thanks!
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Mack , I have seen it at about 12 feet. The jump it self is not so bad , it's the landing. LOL , kind of like the fall don't kill ya it's the sudden stop at the bottom . The landing is almost always bumped up huge . I should be up there on Wed. I will post here on conditions .It's funny you mention not being there for so long . The guy I went with last week was one step out of geekdom when he was there last 11 years ago. I brought him and we had a blast , made a beleaver out of him .
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Heading back this Monday.. loved it a couple of weeks ago. Is the drop in into Paradise the only way in? Went I went I think I missed it because I did not see a real drop in (could have been because of all the snow though..). Any other areas on the mountain where there are good drops?
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