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Road Trip - Jackson Hole - Red Mountain via Spokane

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resorts on the way:

jackson, over the pass, to grand targhee. Also good for a day trip from jh if the 'ghee gets a good dump and jackson gets shined. I think you can get a bus ride and lift tickets for not much more than the cost of the tickets.

Head north, through west yellowstone, and up gallatin canyon to big sky. ski a day there, then on to bozeman for the night.

about 16 miles north of Bozeman is Bridger Bowl, if you have hiking gear (beacon, shovel, partner) head up the ridge.

Head west, depending on the day (some of these 'resorts' have limited days of operation) check out Lost Trail, Discovery, Maverick and or snow bowl. Also, keep in mind, if its snowed for a few days and a ski area has been closed, no one has skiied the goods yet! The first day open after a couple closed can be epic at any of those little hills. check out http://www.skiresortsguide.com/statemap.cfm/MT.htm for more info.

After sampling a little hill or two on the way, turn north, head to whitefish and get a day in at Big Mountain. From there it isnt too bad a drive to schweitzer, then head south to Spokane.

Or, skip whitefish, and keep heading west, get a day in at Silver Mountain (also closed a couple days a week i think).

Just keep your eye on the weather channel and http://www.wrh.noaa.gov and go where it snows!
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Road Trip - Jackson Hole - Red Mountain via Spokane

A quick question for some local knowledge. We are planning on Visiting Jackson Hole in early February for a week. We then have a week to get ourselves up to Red Mountain. If we rent a car we can drop it off in Spokane and get transport from there to Red Mountain. Has anybody done a road trip like this, and what resorts etc are worth stopping off at on the way. Thanks for any info.


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Hey Fez,

Thanks for the locals knowledge, it will help heaps in the planning. Another question, if it snows (not a huge dump though), do the roads shutdown, and normally how long before they reopen?


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well, if there is a bad enough storm, Teton Pass, the pass from JH to victor, ID can close. Usually not for too long. If its bad though, you may be best off skipping the drive to Big Sky, you can avoid Gallatin Canyon by heading west to I-15 in Idaho (i think the closest place to get it from JH is Idaho Falls) From here you can head up and catch I90 which will then bring you right into Spokane. There are still a couple places you can hit off here (Silver for example is RIGHT off the interstate).

But, it is really unusual for any of the roads besides Teton Pass to close. Even Teton Pass will usually just close long enough to shoot the road and plow it open again. Most roads will only close long enough to clear the roads again.

Anytime you are traveling around the northern rockies in winter, you are advised to carry some food, water, sleeping bags, candles, lighter, flashlight and whatever else you may think you would need to spend a night or two in your car. (tow straps and jumper cables arent such a bad idea either) I dont mean to scare you with this, I have a big tupperware box that has most of this stuff in it, and really rarely need any of it. All i usually use is the tow strap or jumper cables and these are just to help someone else out.

And if you make it to Bozeman, I'll gladly show you around Bridger Bowl and/or Big Sky

Good Luck!
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