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Vail day trippin

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Been lurking for a while on this board, lots of good advice. Anyhow, I am going with a group of friends to Breck next week and some of us were thinking of taking a day trip to vail for part of the week. Anyone have any tips on parking, what runs if you only have a day or two, on mountain-eating establishments, and stuff like that? Also any advice on good bars is welcome

Phillip Sink
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Vail is a pay for parking resort, about $12.00 for the day. You can park free on the road, but only after the garages are full, never done that, too eager to get on the hill first thing.

You basically have two choices, Vail village or Lions Head. Vail village is the main center part of the front of the mountain. Lions Head is the West most front part of the mountain. If you want to get to the back bowls area faster, park at Vail village and take the main lift up to mid Vail, and from there take I believe it is the Wild Woods lift to the top of the Mountain. Proceed over the lip and enjoy the back bowls and Blue Sky Basin.

I have no idea what you are looking for in regard to skiing. With 5000 acres to choose from just pick your dificulty level and explore, you won't be disapointed. Some of my choices would be for bumps: Highline, trees: champaign glade in blue sky, or hell just pick a spot and cut into the woods. Go to Outer Mongolia bowl to get away from everyone, and I mean everyone, you will be alone. Cliffs: Sun down bowl. The big blue cruisers are around lift 11. Half the fun of Vail is just skiing around finding a new favorite run.

Lunch is a toss up, Mid Vail, or Two Elks are popular on the mountain. Or go back to Vail village and scope out a nice spot. For bars I can't remember the name of it (maybe that is a good thing) but the bar at the base of Lions Head just in front of the gondolla is always a great time.


Make it steep and deep!
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the bar hes talkin about is Garfinkel's. and if theres not some fresh snow i perfer the front side over the back bowls and blue sky. there are some sweet cliff drops in prima cornice and off the wildwoods and northwoods lifts.
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