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Utah in December

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We're heading to Utah in December (Christmas week)for our annual ski trip. We'll be staying at the Residence Inn Cottonwoods. Can anyone give us some idea of snow conditions at that time of year,where to go to avoid the crowds,restaurants, nite life,etc.
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Like most places in the Country Christmas week can go either way. It all depends on Nov snowstorms.Last year things were looking pretty grim untill Thanksgiving,then the heavens opened up and The skiing was great in Dec. With luck we will have some big dumping storms early on and have a some great skiing by Christmas week.Keep your fingers crossed and prey to the snow gods. The Cottenwood Canyons need a lot of covrage to really get going. You can have a 24" depth and still have a lot of rocks showing. I would suggest that you plan on bringing some rock skis just in case the snow is a bit thin. Even if things in the Cottenwood Canyons aren't the best there still will be skiing. If It's really thin. Head over to Deer Valley. I don't care what people say about Deer Valley they do The best snow Managment of any resort in this area. As soon as it's cold enough They start Making tons of snow. Even if we have lots of natural snow they still make snow for a good base.
Personaly I'm hoping for another Big Dump in Oct like we had a few year back.I sure would like to be skiing by Holloween.
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It seems to me that most Utah places (at least little cottonwood canyon and snowbasin) need about a 85-90" base to cover all the rocks...

I've been there when it's about 75 and there were still some rocks on the advanced stuff...

just a my 2 cents.
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Hmmm; while not pretending that anyone can see the future; December at Alta's a good bet. I think it was about five seasons ago{97-98?} that we had so much powder I got in twenty pow days before Christmas; when we finally had to ski groomers everybody had forgotten how.. Anyway, we're due. Last year the great Thanksgiving dump made the high traverse better on opening day than most of the previous season and we had lots of good early coverage. It is December but most of the terrain gets covered early except Devil's Castle, and they won't open that untill later in the year anyway. The High Traverse can get bony, but go slow and I have this thing where I unweight both skies symiltainiously.. levitation as it were.. sounds wierd but it works. And you can actually sidestep on rocks without damaging skies if your real frikkin' gentle.. and finally, I stopped worrying about rocks a few years ago when I realized that I buy new skis for design reasons long before I totally wreck the bases...
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What was said above. Rubob and Utah nailed it. December, especially the end can be great out here. Yes, the Cottonwoods need more snow to cover the rocks, but there should be plenty by then. If you see a dark spot, aim around it. Skis can be fixed if you damage them, but I wouldn't worry to much about them, we could easily have had 150" plus by then, which would settle down to 60" fairly nicely. If the cover is light in the Cottonwoods, your only 40 minutes from Park City, and things would look good over there. Enjoy your trip.
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Bill I always believe in doing whatever it takes to bring good snow early in the Year. Soooooo to that end We will be doing a little Snowdance around a Bon Fire of sacrficial skis and snowboards sometime in mid Oct. You don't have to attend this ceremony Just send a new pair of skis (a 181 K2 XP would do) my way and we will take care of the rest
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Utah, when is this dance? I feel that I should pay my dues and help out. Bill please send:

in its usual 193


in a 190

This will help you cover your end of the powder dance. Rest assured, they will be thrown into the fire to bring good luck. I'll find a pair of bindings to chuck in for you at no charge.

[ July 29, 2002, 11:25 AM: Message edited by: AltaSkier ]
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The Dance will be in Oct We need to find a Virgin to lead the Dance and It will take that long to find one here in Park City.

[ July 29, 2002, 03:26 PM: Message edited by: Utah49 ]
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I work in Provo, BYU is right around the corner. I'll put on a blind-fold and throw a rock, its bound to hit one.

Another reason to commute from SLC.
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Let's see.........a few pairs of skis, some bindings, and a virgin. Utah49, Altaskier and Rubob do some kind of ritual dance around a fire throw in some chanting and BillA and family get epic powder.

You guys work cheap. Just one virgin? No libations? That’s it? I was ready to offer more than that.

OK, I’m working on it!

Thanks for the info, hope we can get together for a cold one or two. Some skiing would
work too.


[ July 29, 2002, 04:45 PM: Message edited by: BillA ]
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Bill, I guess You didn't read the fine print YES You Buy The Beer!
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Bill, I guess You didn't read the fine print YES You Buy The Beer!
Not a problem, just name the time and place.
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You know I'm starting to Like this Guy Bill A
Alta whats the challange in finding a Virgin in Provo? Ski gods want a challange [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Originally posted by Utah49:
Alta whats the challange in finding a Virgin in Provo? Ski gods want a challange [img]smile.gif[/img]
You should take a road trip to ASU to find a virgin if you want a challenge. Maybe I can swing by and nab one on my way to ootah. I can check up on my parents winter home while I'm there.

[ July 30, 2002, 07:52 PM: Message edited by: Ski Monkey ]
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Utah, yes, there really is no challenge in finding a virgin in Provo. So, Bill, you will need to drop by my old college, Michigan State and find one. When you put her on the plane with the skis, she will need to be reading a copy of Kama Sutra, we don't have much time to please the Pow Gods, they are angry.
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Provo Chicks are Hot!
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A few questions, just to clarify things:
1)How do you like your virgins? Blond, redhead, brunet? Tall, short? Thin, voluptuous? Demure, sluttish? Help me out; I really want to make a good impression on the Pow Gods.
2)Your favorite adult beverage?
3)She has to be able to read?
4)Should the skies be tuned and ready to go?
5)Are you going to start another thread on posting images?

I don’t mean to put any undue pressure on you but ski season is just around the corner and we need to get this right. Let’s get the details down now or we’ll incur the wrath of the Gods. And you know what that means?

[ August 01, 2002, 05:58 PM: Message edited by: BillA ]
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Oo! Ah! Me! Me! It looks like I am going to be heading off to ootah in the next couple of weeks, can I get in on this sacred ceremony? I really want my first winter in utah to have good snow. If neccessary I will sacrifice a set of ski's for Bill providing he sends some out to me.
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The Answers:

1)How do you like your virgins? Blond, redhead, brunet? Tall, short? Thin, voluptuous? Demure, sluttish? Help me out; I really want to make a good impression on the Pow Gods. Must be good looking, but not stuck on herself. I'm flexable, see question #2

2)Your favorite adult beverage? Dark Microbrews, must be over 3.2%

3)She has to be able to read? I prefer educated women, however, not always necessary. She must be able to understand basic directions

4)Should the skies be tuned and ready to go? The ski gods prefer new skis, I will take care of the tune to save you the time and money

5)Are you going to start another thread on posting images? I PROMISE I WILL NOT, what happened there? Honestly, I was just trying to get a place to host my pics to share with the group.

Don't worry about putting pressure on me, as I am here to please the ski gods.

Happy snow gods:

Ski Monkey, look me up when you get out here.
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Can I join in, too?

1. I prefer mine blonde, although I'm not fussy, provided they have a pulse.
Actually, if they're still warm that'll do for me at the minute.

2. Anything over 4.1% for light beers.

3. Must be intelligent enough to hold a conversation with me about things other than: skiing, why foreigners are wrong. Must have a sense of humour, and a life.

4. Skis ready to go, please. I'd like AXPs in 181cm if possible, and 125cm poles.

5. No, I won't start any threads about photos, cause “a large number of this site's members DO NOT participate in … the majority of Zorro's threads”

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Can I join in, too? Yes, but...

...blonde<---What the hell is this?
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ah, could be another spelling thing, you see, over here:
blond = male
blonde = female

Hope this explains my response!

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