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I will be finishing up graduate school in January and most likely I will have to wish all 1000' of my home mountain Wintergreen, VA goodbye to move to Indianapolis, Indiana. This will mean that most of my skiing will be weekend trips out west (job = $$$ and I've never skiied west of Michigan) and night/weekend skiing locally. It looks like my few choices are Perfect North and Paoli Peaks. Relative to each other, Perfect North looks better (I wonder what the glades there will be like...), but if anyone has any experience with skiing in Indiana, please let me know what you think about these two hills. Thanks for your input.
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I have only been to PNS I haven't been to the other. PNS is my home resort and I like it a lot. It has good runs for the Midwest but it isn't Utah. The Glade Run is new this year so no one has done it. But I think PNS is a great place.

Maybe just try both and then see which you like better.
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Perfect is great during the week but it does get way over crowded on weekends.

Indianapolis does have a ski club also. If you can drive about 45 minutes from Indy to join a ski club, you should join us at the Lafayette Ski Club. Lafayette is not that far. We are sold out on a trip to Jackson Hole but we do have several spots on a Whistler trip in February. We also have a weekend bus trip in early January going to Shanty Creek in Michigan and a one day trip to Bittersweet in lower Michigan.

Our website is not up to date but you can check us on the web at Lafayette Ski Club. We do several other ski related activities like trips to ski shops and Warren Miller film in November.

Paoli is fine but I like Perfect better. I try to go 2 or 3 times a year. Perfect is easier to get to from Indy if you asked me. Nice people and they make the most of what they have! Enjoy!


If you have any questions, send me a Private M. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] Ski on my brother!
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My suggestion is don't move to Indiana!!
Seriously , where you move when you finish school is where you will end up for a long time if not the rest of your life. Move further North or WEST or EAST.
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Sadly, at this time family comes before skiing... on the positive side, I will finally have the money to go on trips out west. Friends from Colorado told me not to ski out west until I have the financial means to make it back out there regularly, since it will spoil my views on Midwestern skiing.

Ty - if I do get a job in Indy like I want to, I'll definitely join up w/ the Lafayette Ski Club...

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I go to both hills (yes, they are hills)....and actually bought a season pass to Perfect North this year. It is MUCH better than Paoli Peaks. I would not waste my time driving down there.....WAY overcrowded....long lift lines...very short runs.

Perfect North has more runs...more challenging (a very nice mogul run called Center Stage)...a couple of Glade runs which are not bad...and has longer ski runs. It's not a bad place at all.
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