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I sure would like to read some comments on Telluride from some of you guys who have been there. It sure is out of the way to get to. Is it worth the effort?
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great steeps pretty big mountain and great ski school. I had a blast the week we went there. It's worth the being out of the way. It's a quiet little town with a great mountain. I think the longest wait we had was about 2 minutes the whole week we were there. Great boot fitter in the village. (boot doctors)

To give you what kind of mileage you can rack up, During my morning 2 hr private lesson, We racked up 22K Vertical feet!
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Telluride is great!
SOrt of laid back in town. Pricey up in the Village. New area opening up under the peak this year.
What level of skier are you?
If you can handle the double diamonds there are a good variety of them, more than most areas of this size.
Like dogs, you will see a bunch of them in town!
Great Chili and fun folks!
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If you are up to steep bumps you have got to check out the "Spiral Staircase"! [img]smile.gif[/img]
and "the Plunge"!

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Telluride is a gas! Great old mining town that has been restored (tastefully). Try checking out the Johnstone Inn, a bed and breakfast. Very reasonable for a B&B. The mountain is very uncrowded and the scenery is amaizing! Mrs. Skicrazy & I go back every chance we get.
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I flat out love Telluride, and have gone way out of my way to get there to ski. Great terrain, weather, scenery and town. If you're thinking about the holidays tho, be careful, as snow cover at T is usually very light then.
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Telluride is completely worth any effort it takes to get there. Go, and you won't be dissapointed. Great mountain, wonderful steeps, no crowds, and a perfect little town at the base. It is one of the most beutiful places you will ever ski.

If you go, I would recommend staying in town instead of up at the Mountain Village. Both places have great lift access, but the town has more charm.

Drop me a line if you want some specifics. Have fun!
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