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Snow to date

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What areas are getting the most snow compared to average this year (total snow pack)? I know the western resorts got alot early, but have they been dry since?

Specifically, Im going to Big Sky in early march.
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Well, it has been one of the warmer Januaries on record here in northeast Ohio!
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Zippo here in N.Italy as well.
But because has been the coldest january
in years.
Only one big dump in mid december. and then nothing.
I went skiing this past saturday.
Piste was really an appropiate name.
A white ribbon of man made snow, amidst a sea of green-yellowish grass slopes.
To go from one piste to the other we rode -taliban style- on the back of a pick up truck
I'm sorry I didn't bring my camera...
Today it's rainig here in town, so hopes of
a dump on the mountain are high.
This, or the resort will close.

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We got off to a great start with storm after storm dumping snow in the first half of December. The last half of December was dominated by high pressure, so not much fresh. However, the snow is back now and I think most of the Western resorts have picked up substantial new snow in January. In summary, things are looking nice. One place that's gotten a shit load of snow is Mt. Bachelor. Their base is now 134"

Try this site for more detailed info:
The last couple times I checked it the site has been down, but hopefully it will come back up sometime!
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