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Easiest way to get to Mammoth?

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Just wondering the best way to get to Mammoth from the San Jose area, are there any like, daily flights from LA or anything? I don't wanna fly to Reno, 'cause I'm not old enough to rent a car.

Would I be better off just driving the whole way?
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Grue, you are scrued, dued. You will have to drive the whole way. Might be better to go south to Mojave and then north, because of road conditions. Have a nice 10 hour drive.
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bleh. In that case, I'll wait for my family to schedule a trip there, and just 'meet them' at whatever airport they fly into [img]smile.gif[/img]

Looks like I'll be sticking with Tahoe for the time being
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And that is why Mammoth is for us cool folks in L.A. : [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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