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Straight wide ski?

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I'm looking for a straight wide ski, Is there or have ben any wide skis straighter then the Volant McH? (They are 110-92-102)

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For straightlining the powder? Nordic jumping? :

Well, the widest and straightest skis (not totally straight, none have been for 20 years) I've seen would be the Atomic Powder Plus's - which haven't been made for about 5-6 years now. The Dynastar BIG of about 4-5 years ago was extremely wide, and at the time I owned some we thought it had a lot of sidecut . . . but they would look straight today.
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Evolution Wide Glide
ficher big stix 106
vokl explosiv
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I've got a couple pairs in the shop, not sure what they are. I can check tommorrow.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by matt_davis:
Evolution Wide Glide
ficher big stix 106
vokl explosiv
All above definitely got more side cut then Volant McH witch have 52m side cut radius in 190cm length,
I got a pair of 190 Explosives my self and they have 34m radius, I mainly use them for Kiteskiing, (I won the Norwegian championship on them) but i would like to get something straighter that works on harder snow also, In Kiteskiing you don't want the ski to turn at all, The world record are 130 km/h,
Is there any company that can make straight skis on request?
How hard can it be to make the sides straight instead of forming a side cut?
Is there anyone here who know about ski constructing?
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check stockli... asteroids maybe?? not sure though...
custom: igneous.. out of business, but email address on will get you someone who might make you what you're after.
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I always thought that kiteskiers got to make turns, if the point is just to go straight it sounds boring!

How hard is it for companies to make straight skis? Not hard, but they have all retooled for the new technology - so it would be expensive now. There is no reason for them to do it. If all kiteskiers indeed just go straight, the market in that offshoot of the sport is probably too small to justify special ski construction. Though if the sport grows that could certainly change.

I'm disappointed, I always pictured it being hard carving at high speed against the pull of the kite . . . not just straight lines.
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Presumably if the goal is to win a world speed record in kiteskiing, one way to do it is not to turn.
One danger is not seeing where you're going - the view being obscured by the kite.
I know a guy in Scotland who was nearly killed by hitting an obstacle while using a kite ski.
Not my cup of tea!
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Yeah - I like speed, but I really like G-Forces, so kiteskiing has sounded fun to me because it sounded like you could carve some wicked turns . . . even going up the hill! If straightline speed kiteskiing is just one variation of it - thats cool, after all - straightline speed skiing is a variation off of traditional alpine skiing as well!
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Todd believe me, we do carve,
That’s the way we get speed, carving against the pull of the kite, witch at the best are stronger then any G-force you can get from ordinary down hill carving, the hip in the snow and the or the boots if the skis are to narrow in the middle slows you down, that's the limit,
The point in straight skis are that one specific direction (more or less across the wind depending on the pull of the kite witch depends on the size of the kite compared to the wind force) are best for top speed or highest jump,
And to go in that direction to get the speed up you must be able to carve a straight line, and shaped skis don't carve straight!
The real fun isn't on the snow but in the air, It's blowing and i have 2 hours left to dawn so I'm going out to practice on my 720's, got to get that mute grab tweeeeeked ;o)
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I'm sure someone will point out that I'm way out of my area but...

What do the speed skiers use? Aren't they a pretty straight ski? Flex and adge might be wrong for the carving you describe with the kite but they might be a starting point.
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Yep - they use about 245cm straight skis, with recessed metal edges (Ptex is faster than steel) and air channels that run the length of the ski - flanged open at the tip and then narrower underfoot. After about 90mph they are not touching the snow anymore - they are on a cushion of air.
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I have heard that speed skis have around 90m side cut radius,
But they are to heavy and long for me, maybe ok for speed record, but not so god in the air and in non flat terrain I think,
It seams like my only hope are to find someone who can build a pair of straight skis for me.
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