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Tahoe Conditions

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Please advise as to the conditions at the Lake Tahoe areas - Squaw, Alpine, Northstar, Sugar Bowl, etc. - if you know. We will be heading out Saturday for a 5 day trip. Thanks in advance.
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I spent the weekend at Squaw, and am driving back up to ski there again tomorrow. Coverage is good, but there's been no significant new snow in weeks. Nice spring skiing in January.
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Anyone? . . .Anyone? . . . (Think Ben Stein)
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I ski tahoe at least every week. It hasn't snowed significantly in two weeks. Last report (yesterday), would be rock-hard ice and frigid (10 degrees) in the morning, and warm (45) mush in the afternoon.

Likely to continue another 3-4 days, at least. Been moonless. Nice view of stars. :
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fyi... current conditions of the tahoe area: boilerplate, under a slight (and i do mean slight) dusting of snow...deceptively tough conditions to ski. it has been so cold this last week, single digits in the mountains, and barely above freezing in the sunlight hours. all i have to say is...*miracle march*!!!
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Yuck! I'll be at Alpine 4 days next week. Oh well, I guess I need to learn to ski the "firm" stuff too. Then again maybe it'll snow.

Thanks for the warning - guess I'd better get my edges touched up.
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well suzieski... if this makes you feel better (it does me!) the weather channel is calling for a storm of some signif. to roll in wed-sun of next week, snow and maybe rain (hope not). so for what twc is worth [img]smile.gif[/img] we may be getting a little bit o the fresh stuff! keep your fingers crossed, mine will be!
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There's a 5 day strom currently in the forecast starting Wed. the 12th! [img]smile.gif[/img] Things can change VERY quickly around here.

Otherwise, coverage is decent, but firm.
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I noticed the forecast for the storm - hope it's right!!
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I just returned last Sunday from skiing Heavenly,Squall,and Kirkwood.
Squall was rain and fog from bottom all the way to top.
Heavenly had good groomed conditions exept for hard spots in the shade and trees.
Kirkwood had the most snow but was always still wet when they groomed at night which made for some wicked furrows when it crusted over in the morning.
They all need snow.
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Pleasant day at Alpine Meadows Monday, 2/10. Coverage is still good on piste, hard pack of course, cold at night and high in the low 40s. Beautiful, sunny day in the mountains. Hope this storm brings a wallop.
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