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Quebec City to Le Massif

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I go up to Quebec City every news years with my college group. I actually just graduated but im still going because I still have a lot of friends that are in the group. This year I would like to take 1 of the 4 days we are there and go to Le Massif. I've read a lot of good things about this mountain, most recently in the first edition of "Skier Magazine". We will not have a car there, we bus up from Raleigh, NC (about a 20 hour haul) and because there are only a couple of people who want to go, we cant take the bus there. Do we have any bears that live up there that can inform me on some kind of transportation to get there. I would hate to rent a car for a day, and I was hoping maybe there was some kind of Canadian Greyhound that makes trips there from QC. Im just looking for a cheap alternative. Unfortunatly I cant get any info off of the Le Massif website as it is all in French.

THanks for any help
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Here is the English version of the "transportation" section. Strangely enough, there is a free shuttle (advertised in the French version, but not in the English one) that leaves Quebec City at 8:30, stops at Mt. St. Anne, and continues on to Le Massif. It must be so new that they haven't translated it yet.
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