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Mission Ridge?

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I'm looking for Good places to Eat in Wenatchee, WA. Any ideas?
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Go to the Windmill. It is right on the main drag, so its easy to find. It is a windmill, can't miss it. Great steaks, probably the best in the state. Bring an appetite though because they are big. Oh, get there early because they don't take reservations. The doors open at five pm. Enjoy the food and spring skiing at Mission. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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The Windmill is great, I've been there before. I'll probably go there again. I'll be in Wenatchee a couple of days so any other ideas?
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I do not know if they are still there but on the Ave a place called SHILO's. Asian food, run out of an old gas station. They only used to be open on week days however.
Good Cheap eats.....
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