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I am thinking about adding 2 days at Bolton Valley VT to the end of a Sugarbush, Mad river glen trip. I`ve read some good things about Bolton, but I saw a very unflattering post on another board. Can anyone give me a first hand report about the place? I know its not an upscale place. I just want reasonable accommodations, decent lifts and conditions. Any info would be appreciated. :
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What time of the year are you going?

I've only skied Bolton twice (late 90's), so I'm not necessarily the most informed... I'd recommend staying in South Burlington and doing one day at Bolton and one day at Smugg's. Both should be less than a 30 minute drive. (Or Jay for a longer drive.) Don't think Bolton is worth two days.

Save Bolton for the weekend - it should be less crowded. True of a lot of the smaller areas in Vermont.

There is some fun stuff around Devil's Playground and Preacher (though not much vert.) As I recall Devil's Playground is a glade - bit sketchy on the details; I was there during an X-Team clinic and I was just following the person ahead of me. Hoping I wouldn't kill myself. There was a nice little stream jump around that area. Tails got wet since it was a flat approach...
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